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10 Great Gifts for EDM Fans

For ideas as unique as their personality and lifestyle, be sure to get your rave-loving bestie some of the best gifts for EDM fans.

If you are not personally entrenched in the world of EDM (Electronic Dance Music for the laypeople) it may seem unusual and alien. If you have an EDM fan in your family or friend group, chances are you are going to have to get them a Christmas or birthday gift at some point. Still assuming you do not share their taste in EDM, you may lose hope that you could ever find a gift that they will enjoy, seeing as you don't understand EDM or what has drawn them to it. Fear not though! If you do your research, you will find that there are many great gifts for EDM fans, both practical and aesthetic (especially aesthetic). If you are still stumped and trying to figure out things people should know before their first rave, here are a few suggestions that might help you in your quest for rave themed holiday gifts.

Midnight Rose Hoop by Electric Lifestylz

This gift brings together several of the core aspects of rave culture; bright, colorful lights, and high energy, intense dancing. It is no secret that, other than the music itself, raves consist mostly of these two elements, and is indeed crucial to creating the excitement associated with the genre. Most likely, if you were to think of people dancing at a rave, the first accessory you would picture is a glow stick, often several fashioned into a necklace. While these light-up toys remain lit for only a short while, a company called Electric Lifestylz has something a bit more enduring, with a practical element as well. This hula hoop is lit by LEDs and has a rechargeable battery so you can bring it from rave to rave, all while getting pumped up and getting a good cardio workout.

LED Gloves by Chnano

Just in case the first brightly lit accessory on the list wasn’t a dead giveaway, any item with colorful LEDs will likely please the raver in your circle. For reasons you can likely infer, ravers love to see bright colorful lights moving rapidly and fluidly. For someone in such a zen state of transcendental auditory and visual bliss, there is no better way to further amuse oneself and enrich the experience. Chnano's LED light gloves can turn your hands into a trippy light display, allowing you to become one with your surroundings, literally placing the fun right at your fingertips. If your friend is a hardcore EDM festival goer, chances are they will love it and explain to you why if you still don’t get it.

Geometric Print, Holographic Backpack by Yayabb

EDM fans love bold, eye-popping graphic designs, especially ones they can wear or carry around. While LED lights and bright colors are paramount, EDM fans will appreciate anything that is truly visually stunning and unique. If you can insert this concept into or onto a practical item to boot, you are golden. If you can also make it holographic, you have really hit pay dirt. Moving around quite a bit from one festival to the next, many EDM fans are road warriors. As such, they often need to carry things with them without necessarily taking up too much space. Yayabb offers a backpack series that features just such graphics. With its holographic, quasi-3D diamond patterns, this backpack is perfect for the itinerant rave master.

ThermoBak by CamelBak

One of the most important considerations for the seasoned raver is hydration. When dancing your ass off for hours at a time, it would be foolish, even dangerous, not to have some water on hand. Seeing as bottled water is sold at nearly stadium-beer prices at these events, it is best to bring your own. Since it would be heavy and inconvenient to lug a bag of water bottles around, your best solution is probably a Camelbak. While it was developed as a piece of military gear or associated with hikers, mountain bikers, and other athletes on the move, a CamelBak is also, incidentally, perfect for people dancing energetically in place who need to keep their hands free. The CamelBak ThermoBak is sturdily built to military specifications, so it will definitely stand up to any crazy thing that goes down at a festival.

Festival Glasses by Careonline

To beat on a dead horse, one must remember the deep importance of visual stimulation for EDM fans, contributing much of the energy and excitement to these events. The lights and other visual effects make EDM festivals something more than just a concert with no actual instruments present. What is better than being visually and audibly assaulted by a cacophony of electric sound and a rainbow of many fantastic colors? Seeing such a spectacular display through another freakin’ dimension! Look no further than Careonline and these Harry Potteresque kaleidoscopic rave glasses. Kaleidoscopic festival glasses are a popular festival accessory that will take your visual rave experience to a higher plain, and make for one of the best gifts for EDM fans out there. With their geometrically complex and colorful lenses, you will see the world through more than just rose-colored glasses.

Silver Hologram Fanny Pack from Mily

As previously mentioned, the traveling raver needs to carry certain things around on their person in order to optimize their experience. However, you can't wear your geometric backpack and your CamelBak at the same time, and even if you could, who wants to put that much weight on their back? Instead, you might opt for something lighter and less restrictive like a fanny pack, a festival raver hack every raver girl should know is a strangely reemerging fashion trend. While you're at it, why not just slap a bunch of flashy colors on it, too. This particular fanny pack, produced by Mily, has a rainbow holographic skin that will fit right in with the general color palette of any EDM concert, while holding whatever it is you may need to keep track of.

GloFX Rave Toy Orbit

Among the most amazing EDM-friendly gifts for your favorite raver, this may require a bit of unpacking and explanation to the uninitiated among you. As has been over-stressed here, complex and dazzling light displays are an integral part of the EDM experience that cannot be overlooked. Perhaps the best way to add your own visual art to this scene is to twirl around what is called an "orbit." What is an orbit? As most images show this item in motion rather than stationary, try to picture a cross between a yo yo and a fidget spinner with multicolored LED lights. When in motion, it creates a circle of spinning light that resembles an orbit, hence the name. A staple of rave culture, you cannot go wrong with an orbit if you're shopping for an EDM fan.

Draped Hoodie by iHeartRaves

Like many rave accessories out there and indeed some others that are listed here as well, this item is fashion over function. This "hoodie" is meant to do the exact opposite of your traditional hooded sweatshirt, while making the wearer stylish AF. In actuality, it is truly a crop top with a hood, and recognizing this adds another whole level of contradiction to its very nature. However, it does serve the function of adding a bit of EDM quirkiness to your look without causing you to sweat bullets. For those of you outsiders scratching your head right now, think of it again in the context of the LED gloves and the Orbit. As this item really only makes sense in the context of rave culture, it is bound to make for the perfect gift for a rave fan in your life.

Girls Strappy Pants by UFO

Much like other music festivals of any other genres, the larger EDM festivals are mostly concentrated around warm weather, though shows are always around if you are in need. If you're going to shows in colder weather, it makes little sense to wear crop tops and other clothing that is not street practical. However, just because the leaves are turning and the air is getting colder doesn't mean that electronic music fans have to pack it in. When the summer turns into autumn, you may wish to shed your hooded crop tops for real shirts and seek out new rave-ready fashion. This holiday season, consider these "strappy pants" from UFO to maximize your seasonal comfort, as well as your style. A 90s rave throwback, these pants are retro and incredibly spacious and comfortable.

Turntable Graphic T-shirt by SODAtees

One of the more subtle gifts for EDM fans, this classic tee is a gift that both the guys and the girls can get on board with. Despite the evolution of technology in electronic music, most EDM fans will appreciate the vibe and novelty of the vinyl record and turntable. Where would EDM be without the existence of the turntable mixer? Just as guitars used to be strung with animal guts and rubber tires used to be made from tree sap, the earliest spin DJs began creating their craft by spinning vinyl records on phonograph turntables. This shirt reflects a nod to music history, as well as the new generation's renewed interest in vinyl records that has surged upward over the past decade. Celebrate the foundational equipment of this industry with this stylish black graphic t-shirt.

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10 Great Gifts for EDM Fans
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