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10 New Albums Worth Checking Out

From dream pop to experimental hip-hop, there is something here for everyone.

There is so much comfort in playing the same 20 songs over and over, but after a while it can get pretty mundane. If you are looking for some new albums out right now that can be enjoyed from start to finish, then I may have something for you. At the halfway mark in 2018, I believe these are ten new albums that—from front to back—deserve a dedicated listen. However, if you prefer individual songs before investing in a full album I have also included my three favourite tracks from each entry.

Disclaimer: An endorsement of an artist’s music in this article is not an endorsement of their views, beliefs, or actions.

All album artwork courtesy of the respective artists and Google Images.

'7' - Beach House

“Get dressed to undress, depress to impress, all night long. Turn on the TV, they all want to see me come undone.”

From the pulsating drums on the album opener “Dark Spring” to the cacophony of groaning guitars on the album closer “Last Ride”, 7 is a masterpiece in its entirety. On 7, there is death and there is rebirth, there is lightness and there is darkness, and there is a band embarking on their most bold yet authentic venture to date.

Mood: Wanting a perfectly legal out-of-body experience.

Favourite Tracks: "Lemon Glow," "Lose Your Smile," and "Girl of the Year."

'Invasion of Privacy' - Cardi B

“Look, they gave a bitch two options, strippin’ or lose.”

Some say that Cardi B does not deserve the praise she is getting because of the lack of political themes in her songs. Frankly, rapping about body positivity, advocating for and validating the experience of sex work, and being PROUD of the name you made for yourself in a world that slated you to lose are inherently political themes. Simply put, this album is banger after banger.

Mood: Leaving the party in your Bentley truck, driving to your ex’s place and doing donuts on their lawn.

Favourite Tracks: "Bartier Cardi," "Money Bag," and "I Do."

'God's Favourite Customer' - Father John Misty

“Please don’t die, wherever you are tonight.”

Following last year’s Pure Comedy, an existential elegy to the human race, Josh Tillman returns in 2018 with God’s Favourite Customer. At its core, Tillman’s latest album is directed inward instead of outward and deals with heartache of epic proportions. It documents the trials and tribulations of his struggles with himself, his marriage, religion, and his emotional and mental wellbeing. This album serves to remind us why Josh is one of our generation’s greatest storytellers and songwriters.

Mood: Wanting to return yourself to Walmart without a receipt and having the customer service rep tell you they’ll have to call their supervisor (God).

Favourite Tracks: "Hangout at the Gallows," "Mr. Tillman," and "Please Don’t Die."

'I Don't Run' - Hinds

“I need to stay awake tonight, because you’re sleeping in my mind.”

For Madrid garage-rockers Hinds, I Don’t Run is as much a mantra of female empowerment as it is a commitment to their craft. The members of Hinds are not running away from any thing; instead, they’re standing up and shouting back. This time around on their second studio album, their sound still packs the same punch it did on their first but with more honesty, as they bare all and vocalize their vulnerabilities to the audience.

Mood: Driving with the sun roof down across the Arizona desert to Cali in search of beaches and new beginnings.

Favourite Tracks: "Linda," "New For You," and "Finally Floating."

'Isolation' - Kali Uchis

“Live fast and never die, I’m moving at the speed of light.”

On her debut album, Kali Uchis not only captivates listeners with her beautiful voice but creates luscious and soulful soundscapes to escape the world. Fitting with the album title, Kali explores themes of growing up alone on Isolation. However, this album is quite simply an anthem of triumphant success, overcoming taxing life situations, and a celebration of one’s self.

Mood: Calling an Uber Black for that person you met at the bar to drive them to your penthouse suite.

Favourite Tracks: "Miami," "Flight 22," and "Nuestro Planeta."

Self-Titled - 'KIDS SEE GHOSTS'

“At times, wonder my purpose, easy then to feel worthless, but peace is somethin’ that starts with me.”

KIDS SEE GHOSTS is the new collaborative effort from Kid Cudi and Kanye West, and it arrives on the scene guns a-blazing. On KIDS SEE GHOSTS Kanye and Cudi come together in what may be one of the strongest efforts in both of their careers, building each other up but never outshining one another. Picking apart separate tracks is virtually useless because everything flows together so seamlessly, this seven track album is seriously so tight.

Mood: Wanting to literally ascend to the next dimension.

Favourite Tracks: "Fire," "Reborn," and "Cudi Montage."

“And in full control, I’m not lost, even when it’s love… even when it’s not.”

'Lush' - Snail Mail

“And in full control, I’m not lost, even when it’s love… even when it’s not.”

Love is complicated, especially when it’s 40 degrees outside. When it’s way too hot to fall asleep in your sheets at night, and you wake up in the morning drenched in sweat and a lovelorn haze. Lindsey Jordan conveys these feelings on Lush, among other experiences that evoke teenage angst and a yearning for love. From start to finish, the album is full of indie rock gems that grow on the listener with each play.

Mood: Breaking up with your partner on MSN and then writing a text post on Tumblr explaining why you feel like you might regret your choice.

Favourite Tracks: "Heat Wave," "Golden Dream," and "Full Control."

“I require privacy, I’m always thinking finally, dreaming, feigning, changing, cheating.”

'Year of the Snitch' - Death Grips

“I require privacy, I’m always thinking finally, dreaming, feigning, changing, cheating.”

Disturbing, disruptive, and at times downright delightful. Death Grips push the envelope on their latest album — musically and lyrically — there is a sense of urgency from frontman MC Ride to think critically about what we are hearing. Even at points on the album where the listener is in entrenched in utter chaos, or a “shitshow” so to speak, Year of the Snitch remains incredibly compelling.


Favourite Tracks: "Death Grips is Online," "Black Paint," and "Streaky."


“Immaterial girls, immaterial boys, any form, any shape, anyway, anything, anything I want.”

The jury is still out on whether or not SOPHIE is even of this earth or universe. However, she is here to deliver a transmission from outer space and it is the sound of pop music from the year 3008 — step aside Fergie. SOPHIE’s skill as a singer and producer seeps from every pore of her debut album, from the most delicately crafted, syrupy ballads to songs that are literally what I imagine nuclear fission to sound like.

Mood: Animorphing into a gila monster and then going to search for water on Mars.

Favourite Tracks: "It’s Okay to Cry," "Ponyboy," and "Immaterial."

'Hive Mind' - The Internet

"Baby, next time I'll bring you flowers, roses, exotic daisies. Next time I'll take you out, girl don't you keep me waiting." 

The Internet’s fourth studio album is named Hive Mind, and this concept of unified consciousness is exemplified in their music, and in the way they harmonize as a group. Across the hour of music on this record there is no shortage of killer bass lines, soul grooves, and immaculate singing from Syd and Steve Lacy. Everything about this album is so sophisticated, it’s hard to capture in words… so I’ll just let you listen to it instead.

Mood: Forehead kisses in the dark.

Favourite Tracks: "Come Over," "Stay the Night," and "It Gets Better (With Time)."


Five Honourable Mentions:

'I'm All Ears' - Let's Eat Grandma

If you like the futuristic pop sound of SOPHIE but want something a little bit more straight-forward then this Let’s Eat Grandma is yours to enjoy. Granted, SOPHIE is on the production credits for this record so you know it’s a banger.

'Daytona' - Pusha-T

If you’re a fan of killer flow and lyrical prowess, then this new 7-track album by Push (also produced by Kanye) will easily find its way into your heart. Seriously, one of the best rap albums of the year!

'Wide Awake!' - Parquet Courts

If you like the garage rock sound of Hinds, but want something with a bit more of a political edge then this new Parquet Courts record is right up your alley… and FUCK TOM BRADY!

'Dirty Computer' - Janelle Monáe

If you like the neo-soul and R&B influences evident in the work of The Internet and Kali Uchis but want a futuristic concept album instead then this new Janelle Monáe album should be next up on your queue.

'Clean' - Soccer Mommy

If you like the teenage affectation in Snail Mail’s songwriting but prefer an album that is more lyrically driven as opposed to guitar driven, then the new Soccer Mommy record should become a favourite of yours after first listen.

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