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10 Songs to Keep You Out of the Cold

Snow Day Songs for Warm Fuzzy Socks to Dancing in Your Socks

Most of the songs on here are under-appreciated but if the harsh brisk air isn't enough to keep you indoors, warm and cozy, these songs will be. 

"Don't You Dare" by Mellow Fellow

Picture this, you're snowed in, now with nowhere left to go. You find yourself having the most freedom you've had in while. You have on your coziest pajamas. You waltz around the house looking from window to window, admiring the pure, unspoiled blankets of snow. First things first, hot chocolate. You delicately sprinkling mini marshmallows each perfectly laying on top the perfect spiral of whipped cream. Impatiently you take that first sip you feel the steam but just before it burns the whipped cream tapers it off. 

"My Jinji" by Sunset Rollercoaster

Glancing at the snow once more, before sitting down to give your cup of cocoa the full attention it deserves, you decide you're completely in love with this day. You finish your drink down to its last drop feeling satisfied with each one. Without a care in the world, you decide to check your notifications just to confirm that all prior obligations are canceled. Now with that guarantee, you take a moment to appreciate and take it in, imagining what the day could be.

"Chamber of Reflection" by Mac DeMarco

As you reflect on it, all you know is this is a total "do you" type of day. So you sit back and relax. All the things you could do aren't going anywhere and an occasion like today is a rare one. You lean back into the couch and sink in for a bit.

"New Years Eve" by Mellow Fellow & Floor Cry

Getting a little sidetracked from the day, you catch yourself endlessly scrolling through your social media feeds. You make your final likes and comments and with perfect timing, you hear your stomach growling. Oddly enough, this brings a smile to your face. 

"Sometimes" by Goth Babe

You float to the kitchen. Time for the big guns—you take out some eggs, pancake mix, and everything else needed for the most important meal of the day. The sizzle of the eggs hitting the pan is heavenly. You pirouette to the bowl of mix, stirring it almost rhythmically. Just as the eggs finish up you pour the first pancake into the next pan. This is the best one because you eat it while you make the rest, stacking each pancake 'til you reach the top one, ribboning layers of syrup and fruit all over. Each bite is better than the last 'til the last.

"Way It Goes" by Hippo Campus

All good things must come to an end. Now aware of the mess you made, it's time for a little clean up. But cleaning isn't all bad when you have something good to listen to. You start to wash the dishes, swaying in between each scrub.

"Cold Cold Man" by Saint Motel

You leave the dishes to dry and wipe down the counters, sliding your feet with each swipe. Next thing you know you find yourself outside of the kitchen, continuing the motion, shifting various items from here to there. You shuffle back the kitchen to start putting away the freshly dry dishes, rocking back and forth from cabinet to sink to cabinet. 

"A-Punk" by Vampire Weekend

Decidedly so, you've done everything productive you'd care to do today. You shrug it off.

"Onion" by Shannon & The Clams

Now in an almost reverse cleaning process, you find yourself digging through old things of yours. Sifting through trinkets and literal "what not," you come across an old photo album, still rocking out as you thumb through it. 

"Playing Dead" by Night Beats

Your phone rings. You see the same person sent you a text, telling you the roads are clear. You hesitate a moment and swipe to ignore it. Cue the music.

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10 Songs to Keep You Out of the Cold
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