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10 Songs to Listen to When You Need to Feel

Hopefully, most of this list will be new music to all of you and it allows you to feel what you need to feel (no particular order).

1. 'Be Alright' - Dean Lewis

Dean LewisThis song is for those of you who have sadly had to go through this situation in a relationship. It is okay for you to cope in ways that help you most, keep your friends close and let them help you through this. Keep telling yourself it will be alright because one day when you look back, you’ll realize that letting go allowed for it to be okay.

2. 'Forever and Always' - Parachute

This song is for everyone. You don’t need to go through an experience to feel this song. When you listen to this, plug your headphones in and close your eyes, listen to every lyric, and let the song guide you through its own story.

3. 'Sorry' - Aquilo

These two men exhibit such emotion in every single song they have made. This is the first one I heard which is why I put it down, but if you enjoy the beautifully sad lyrics to this song check the rest of their music out. They make amazing songs that are breathtaking. 

4. 'Jealous' - Labrinth

A lot of people know this song. This song is for those of you who are pained from letting go. You are jealous that after letting go of this person they have flourished without you. You feel as if you will never achieve that because you are still infatuated with them, but you will make it. 

5. 'Body' - SYML

This is another song that you must listen to with your eyes closed and listen carefully to the lyrics. I am sure you will all find an individual meaning relating to you in this song.

6. 'Maybe It Was Me' - Sody

This is for when you are blaming yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over something that you have no control over, the universe has a plan for you, trust it. You will find your way, and it is not your fault.

7. 'I Still Know You' - Jacob Lee

For those of you who have experienced this grief I am so sorry you had to go through this. There are no words for the meaning of this song but many of you will be able to relate and if not this will at least make you think in another perspective for a moment.

8. 'Neptune' - Sleeping at Last

This song has some of the most beautifully written lyrics I’ve heard. It makes destruction sound beautiful. The word in the chorus exude such emotion, let alone the entire song. Listen to this and pay attention to the lyrics, and interpret them as you may.

9. 'Village' - Wrabel

This song is for all of you in the world who feel as if you don’t belong. You aren’t alone in this, you belong in this world and you fit in this puzzle of life. Because you feel this does not mean there is anything wrong with you, there is something wrong with village. You are loved, and accepted.

10. 'What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?' - Snow Patrol

The first time I heard this song was as a live opener for Ed Sheeran and it brought me to tears. You can sometimes feel as if you aren’t enough and the question remains; is this all we will ever get? And what if it doesn’t work out? Then screw it, you go with what happens. 

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10 Songs to Listen to When You Need to Feel
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