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10 Unknown Christmas Songs to Spice up Your Holiday Playlist

Sick of your Christmas playlist consisting of the same 10 songs? Try adding a few of these new suggestions into the mix.

Whenever the holidays come around, there seems to only be about 15 songs sang by multiple artists. You can listen to Dean Martin croon "Baby, It's Cold Outside" or modernize it with Idina Menzel and Micheal Buble's version. So if you're tired of those same songs, no matter how many artists have sung them, you're in luck. This year, spice up your holiday playlist with the following 10 original holiday songs.

"Silver Nights" by Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter of Disney Channel fame from Girl Meets World has had a successful career as a singer, songwriter, and actress even at her young age of 19 years old. She has released multiple albums since her debut album, Eyes Wide Open, in 2015.

However, she released her first holiday single in 2014 for the Disney Channel. The song is available for purchase on Amazon music, iTunes, or for free listening on YouTube at the link above. 

Silver Nights tells the story of a young couple in love during the holiday season. Sabrina Carpenter performed it for the Disney Playlist Sessions with many of her Disney co-stars in attendance.

"Christmas Kiss" by Tatum Sheets

Christmas Kiss is from the holiday film, Merry Kissmas, released in 2015 and starring Brant Daugherty and Karissa Staples. The movie tells the story of Kayla (Staples) as she is preparing for her fiance's party for the opening of his Nutcracker play, but she soon begins falling for a man (Daugherty) that she meets in an elevator and continues to run into throughout the film. 

Tatum Sheets is self-described as "just a girl from Texas who loves to sing, dance, and act". She has numerous songs, performances, and credits to her name. Tatum Sheets has many songs, including this, available on iTunes or at the YouTube link above. 

"Christmas the Whole Year Round" by Sabrina Carpenter

As mentioned in her previous song's bio, Carpenter is a Disney Channel star who has had success as a singer, songwriter, and actress throughout her 19 years. 

Christmas the Whole Year Round is about keeping the holiday spirit throughout the year, not just during the winter. 

"It's Not Christmas Without You" by Victorious Cast

Victorious launched Victoria Justice and other cast mates to stardom from 2010 until its cancellation in 2013. During their Christmas episode in 2011, the cast sang this song to get the school in the Christmas spirit during their "Secret Santa" assignment. The song, as well as many others by the cast, is available on iTunes and other music platforms.

Joining Justice in singing are castmates, Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande, although the show also featured Leon Thomas III, Matt Bennett, Avan Jogia, and Daniella Monet.

"Mistletoe" by Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale, best known for her role as Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars, decided to break into the music circuit with her country album, Road Between in 2014. Later that year, she released her original song, Mistletoe, for the holiday season. Hale's music is available on iTunes as well as other music platforms.

Mistletoe tells the story of a young girl hoping to be snowed in with her loved one in order to create a romantic moment, as long as they don't run out of mistletoe. 

"Christmases When You Were Mine" by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a been a household name for many years now, but in 2007 she released a holiday album, The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection with some classic and some original songs. Swift's albums are available anywhere you buy music.

Christmases When You Were Mine is about a broken relationship and missing someone during the holiday season, which most people can relate to. Swift sings about loneliness, missing someone, and memories that can become prominent in one's mind during the holiday season. 

"Christmas Must Be Something More" by Taylor Swift

Like the previous song, this one comes from The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection, which is available anywhere music is sold. 

Christmas Must Be Something More is about how the Christmas season has become consumer-driven but should be about more, like family, love, religion, etc.

"Text Me Merry Christmas" by Straight No Chaser ft. Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell likes to pop up in the most unlikely places, including in Straight No Chaser's 2013 holiday song. The song is available on iTunes and other music platforms. 

Text Me Merry Christmas is about the technology-driven relationship and how texting someone to let them know you are there for them is still important during the holiday season. 

"A Willie Nice Christmas" by Kacey Musgraves ft. Willie Nelson

Musgraves released her holiday album in 2016 with some original and some classic holiday songs. The album is available wherever music is sold.

Her song, A Willie Nice Christmas ft. Willie Nelson is about having a good Christmas season, but with a pun on the word "really". 

"You're Here" by Lucy Hale

As mentioned in her previous song's bio, Lucy Hale is best known for her role on Pretty Little Liars but has had some success as a singer from her debut album, Road Between

You're Here was released as a single in 2017. The song is about the fact that Jesus is here for Christmastime and that we can all use a little religion and help in our lives. If Christianity isn't for you, the song is still a Christmas song, no different than listening to Away in a Manger or The First Noel.

Or If You Like the Classics, Here's a Great Playlist Video to Keep You in the Spirit!

Happy Holidays! Let me know if you enjoy these new tunes or if you have any suggestions for new songs for our playlists!

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10 Unknown Christmas Songs to Spice up Your Holiday Playlist
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