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10 Ways the BoomBottle MM Is Reinventing Bluetooth Speakers

If you thought a bluetooth speaker only needs to have great sound, you thought wrong. BoomBottle MM has completely changed the game.

If you’re in the market for a bluetooth speaker, you’ll find that there are an array of options to choose from. However, wouldn’t you like to find a bluetooth speaker that goes above and beyond the basic requirements? The BoomBottle MM speaker provides epic sound quality (which, of course, is important), and also provides an array of other awesome features. This bluetooth speaker will become your favorite companion for every party, every outdoor adventure, and every road trip you take.

It features a one-of-a-kind magnetic mount.

Many times when you have a bluetooth speaker, you find yourself looking for a place to put your phone so that everyone can easily play DJ. With the BoomBottle MM, you can keep the speaker and your phone in one place, magnetically mounting your device onto the top of the speaker perfectly. Also, if you can find any magnetic metal surfaces, you can mount the speaker to that as well.

As if that's not enough, it also has a built in bottle opener.

The BoomBottle MM also has a bottle opener included on the speaker, so that your party will never have to be halted by needing to leave and find a bottle opener to get your drink on. You’ll have the music and the essential accessories all in one place. Just make sure you provide the beer, and the good tunes will surely follow!

It's easily available online.

You can buy the BoomBottle MM directly at Scosche's website, making shopping a breeze. Gone are the days in which people have to trek to the store to purchase items they want for themselves or others. Online shopping is at its peak, making getting your hands on unique items like the BoomBottle MM easier and more convenient than ever before.

The microphone allows for hands-free calls.

You know the annoyance that follows whenever you're in the middle of a party and the music stops because someone is calling the DJ's phone? Well, aside from excellent stereo sound, the BoomBottle MM also has a built-in microphone. You'll still probably be annoyed the music stopped; but now whenever you’re connected to speaker, you can use it for handsfree calling. Not having to pick your phone up off the mount when someone calls you is an obvious perk many bluetooth speakers don't have, and simply talking out loud will allow for easier communication between you and your friend without having them not hear you and you blowing your eardrums out getting too close to the speaker.

The practical bottle design enables you to bring it anywhere.

The BoomBottle MM gets its name from the design of the bluetooth speaker, which, as you might have already noticed, has the shape of a bottle. The design fits into water bottle cages, making it very easy to carry with you on hiking trips or to the office. The unique bottle design fits into unique bottle cages and cup holders as well. You might not realize how great this design is until you see other bluetooth speakers with fancy designs that were not well-thought out. The bottle design was specifically meant for a simpler user experience overall.

BoomBottle MM has a rechargeable and long lasting battery.

The BoomBottle MM comes with a rechargeable battery that provides a lasting battery life of up to 12 hours. This means you’ll be able to go out on the boat, up a mountain, off to work, or on any adventure you choose, and listen to music the entire way without worrying. Having music makes any experience that much better, because music will get your heart pumping, your mind inspired, or your soul soothed. Whatever the occasion, it’s essential that your speaker stay charged with a strong battery life.

Dual pairing enhances sound.

Dual pairing with the bluetooth BoomBottle MM speaker allows the speaker to get true stereo sound. Dual pairing means that your phone will connect to both the left and the right speaker, so that when the sound comes out of the BoomBottle MM, it sounds louder and more defined, as opposed to other speakers that only have music coming from one spot.

It is water and dust proof.

When going on all of these great trips and throwing awesome parties, your bluetooth speaker is surely going to be exposed to the elements. Thankfully, the water and dust proof nature of this device allows you to use it anywhere. You can hike near waterfalls, party on the beach, or go anywhere else your heart desires without worrying that your speaker will be harmed. No one wants to bring a valuable item with them when out having fun and have to worry about it getting broken. The point is to live life carefree, and with this speaker, you can do just that.

A carabiner clip allows for portable listening.

Let's face it, there are many times when you’re not going to have a metal surface, a water bottle cage, or your hands free. In these moments, you can use the carabiner clip to hook onto your bike, your belt loop, or anywhere else you see fit. The speaker is as portable as you need it to be!, whether you're having a relaxing adventure, or a more action-oriented one.

The BoomBottle MM has rave reviews.

Reviews for the BoomBottle MM are raving, and everyone chooses to use the speaker for different reasons.

One happy customer says:

  • “I've had mine for six months now. I can't believe how much joy I get from listening to this impressive, sturdy portable speaker! Just this morning I was in the pool jamming to DJ Soda's dance club mixes pounding through this small, capable speaker.”

Another satisfied customer says:

  • “The BoomBottle MM is one of my personal favorites. The sound quality is incredible and taking it out on the water is a no brainer, it magnets straight to the metal on the boat. We ordered two so we can pair them together for a surround sound experience. Also the battery life last forever!”

As you can see, people love their speakers and use them frequently on land or at sea.

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10 Ways the BoomBottle MM Is Reinventing Bluetooth Speakers
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