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18 Facts Every Post Malone Fan Should Know!


Here are somethings every one should know about Austin Post AKA Post Malone! ENJOY! 

1. Post Malone's real name is Austin Richard Post, and his screen name is in fact not a homage to baller Karl Malone, but was created in a Rap Name Generator online. 

2. His Birthday is on The Fourth of July. Happy Birthday to America and Stoney! 

3. He was born in Syracuse New York, but him and his family moved to Grapevine Texas when he was 9. He even has a Bison's skull tattooed on his neck! 

4. Posty gained recognition after he posted his song "White Iverson" on Soundcloud in 2015. 6 months later he ended up signing a record deal with Republic Records. 

5. He stated in an interview that he started to learn how to play the guitar from the video game "Guitar Hero." He eventually went on to teach himself the rest by watching videos on Youtube. 

6. He auditioned to play guitar in the band Crown the Empire in 2010. He ended up breaking a couple of his guitar strings, and butchering the audition. 

7. Aside from rapping he also produces music. He has actually co- produced most of his own songs. 

8. Post Malone already has 3 albums out. Post Malone ep (2015), Stoney (2016), and Beer Bongs and Bentleys ( 2018).

9. It is not secret that he is a HUGE Bob Dylan fan. He has called him "a God", and "a genius". He even has a tattoo of him on his knuckles beside his other idols! 

10. He has an extensive loafer collection! When he was a teenager he worked in a restaurant called Chicken Express and he saved all of his money to buy a pair of Versache Loafers that cost $800.

11. Stoney is a huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment and also own a lot of guns. He has stated that he likes to shoot them to relieve stress. 

12. He has basically became the new "Cover Boy" for Bud light. The company even went as far as to give him his own Beer Fridge ,that they restock for free! 

13. As of January 2018, His net worth has topped at $8 million. 

14. He gives credit to his mom and dad for introducing him to different genres of music. He said that his mom loves Country music and his dad is interested in all types. In fact, His first Rap CD "Lean Back" was gifted to him by his dad. 

15. He is in fact taken. SAD FACE! He met his girlfriend, Ashlen, when she booked a show for him at a nightclub. 

16. His song "Congratulations" was the first of his repertoire17. to chart the Billboard Hot 100. It even started a fad on Twitter to post videos of yourself graduating with the song lyrics in the background! 

17. He has a tattoo of John F. Kennedy on his hand, who he admires for "Speaking out against crazy corruption stuff" in American Government.  

18. He also has another extensive collection...on his body! Post Malone loves tattoos and has over 35 tattoos and counting. Including the Gadsen Snake, A bear, Barbed wire on his hands and forehead. "Stay Away" above his eye, 2 Playboy Bunnies, Finger Tattoos with Portraits of Elvis, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon,"REST EASY” tattoo on the fingers, Saint Jude and his inner demon tattoo on his left hand, a Knight fighting in a battle tattoo on the right hand, a Lil Peep face tattoo on his left arm – which is a Tribute to musician Lil Peep who passed away in 2017, a Gun (M16) wrapped around by a snake, a Portrait of Johnny Cash, and lots more! 

Thank You for reading and Please go and check out my other stories! 

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18 Facts Every Post Malone Fan Should Know!
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