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4 Genres of Music You've Probably Never Heard Of

Because Cutting a Dead Cat in Half Is Music Now

Danger Music

 Danger music is a genre based on the idea that music should harm either the audience, the musicians themselves, or both.

Most danger music is so extreme that most pieces can't even be performed, and because of this they remain simply as concepts or symbolic pieces of work. These pieces are often text instructions that the performer needs to follow, for example, Japanese composer Takehisa Kosugi's piece of danger music instructed him to "scoop out one of your eyes 5 years from now, and do the same with the other eye 5 years later."

Other examples include "creeping into the vagina of a living whale" or "volunteer to have your spine removed." Obviously, these pieces are yet to be performed.

Some danger music is still performed live, however—the most famous performances being by Japanese band Hanatarash where the frontman once cut a dead cat in half with a machete live on stage. The band is also known driving a bulldozer through a venue and destroying it, preparing molotov cocktails, and attempting to make their listeners go deaf.

Wizard Rock

Wizard Rock, also known as Wrock, is a genre of music modeled after the Harry Potter book series by J. K. Rowling. It was founded by band Harry and the Potters in 2002, by brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge. Both brothers represent Harry Potter, with Paul being Harry in his 7th year at Hogwarts and Joe being 4th year Harry. According to the brothers, the backstory of both the Harries in the band is that the elder Harry Potter travelled back in time to be in a band with himself.

Other Wizard Rock bands include Draco and the Malfoys, and the Mudbloods.

Unblack Metal

If you go by Euronymous' definition of what black metal music is, (music that is simply 1) heavy and 2) satanic), then unblack metal is the complete opposite, as the name suggests. Coined by Horde's album Hellig Usvart (or Holy Unblack), the term unblack metal basically describes music that has Christian messages in the lyrics, but a sound similar to black metal with the same heavy guitars and loud vocals.

Despite not meeting Euronymous' expectations for what a black metal band should be, some unblack musicians consider themselves to be black metal anyway, believing that the message of the music doesn't matter, just the sound. Antestor vocalist Kjetil Molnes once said, "We identify ourselves as black metal as a music style, not black metal as an ideology or belief."


Narcocorrido is a Mexican music genre so controversial that companies, government agencies and even the former president of Mexico proposed to get it banned. What makes the genre so controversial is it's lyrics—most songs tell the stories of Mexican drug lords including tales of their arrests, operations, and even deaths.

Narcocorrido musicians would generally focus on famous cartels, while avoiding the glorification of them to avoid offending other competitors in the drug world. As well as this they would also avoid mentioning the names of any drugs lords to avoid the risk of angering them, as offending or enraging another dug Lord would often end in death.

Fears of this were completely justified; between 2006 and 2008, over 12 Narcocorrido musicians were found murdered under "mysterious circumstances."

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4 Genres of Music You've Probably Never Heard Of
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