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5 British Indie Bands to Watch Out for in 2019

Get ahead of the masses and delve into these bands before everyone else.

Margate by the exciting indie rock group Sports Team

Whilst the charts are full of pop songs with an EDM drop featured at some point in the song, a new wave of indie music is surging. Head on down to the institution that is the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, or new festivals like So Young, and you'll witness the latest bands to follow in the footsteps of successes like Wolf Alice. It's sweaty and cramped establishments like this where the new revival of British alternative music is emerging, winning over the live crowds before releasing a debut. It's an exciting time for British bands, and here are five that you'll want to get listening to.

1. Sports Team

Fresh off the London gig circuit, and a spot at 2018's So Young Festival, the band is ready to take on success. The band combines witty, humourous, and millennial references in their lyrics, with catchy melodies and some nice guitar riffs. It's perfect music for a mosh pit, and they're currently providing great live shows. Alex Rice, the leader singer, provides all the energy needed for the crowd to feed off, dancing like his life depends on it. The band has just released their new single, "M5," and they are doing a small UK tour in March, so grab your tickets now!

2. Childcare

I originally found out about Childcare kind of by accident. I got to the 2018 Goose Island Festival early and found myself listening to the band at the start of the bill, which happened to be Childcare. And that's how I discovered one of my favourite bands of the moment. Their music is a little bit more polished than some of the other indie music emerging right now, with more melody and the soulful voice of Emma Topolski featured in most of the songs. However, Childcare isn't without their guitar shreds and energy, so like many of these bands, be sure to see them live. Their debut album is due to be released in the first half of this year, so look out for that as well.

3. Lady Bird

Maybe it's a sign of the times, but there's a lot of indie punk bands doing bits in the past couple of years, with the likes of Idles, Slaves, and Shame going on to have success. Lady Bird is the latest in this exciting new sound, hailing from Kent, and now signed to the Slaves label, Girl Fight Records. Their music is a mix of heavy guitar and commentary on British society, speaking to the confused youth of today and their working class roots. They have a song about spoons, so what's not to like?

4. Lazy Day

A little more laidback and dreamy than the rest, but still just as good. A soundtrack for your—as the band's name—lazy day. The dreamy guitar and symbols combo give a unique vibe to this band, pairing with the lead singer's voice well to create a sound well-worth listening to. Having supported Childcare towards the end of last year, be sure to check Lazy Day out in March/April on their own UK/EU tour.

5. Sorry

Sorry manages to a achieve a dark and seedy underground sound, whilst also capturing a certain beauty. The lyrics are deep and the vocals are slightly strained with emotion, adding to their sinister sound. That said, there's always a sneaky melody you can sing along to. This is another band who has had spots at So Young Festival and gives a great live show. Catch them at their one-off headliner in Camden at Dingwalls this March.

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5 British Indie Bands to Watch Out for in 2019
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