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5 French Music Artists You Should Be Listening to!

Artists to Jam to!

Just because you don't speak the same language as the music you are listening to doesn't mean that you can't experience it just like a native speaker would! Here are five French music artists you should be listening to, to diversify your life just a little more and to just jam out to when you're alone.

Number Five: Christine and the Queens

Héloïse Letissier, better known by her stage name, Christine and the Queens, is a French songwriter, singer, and producer. Releasing many Synth-pop, Electropop, and Pop songs, you know you are going to be in for a well-deserved shoulder shake when you listen to her ultra chill songs. Singing in both French and English, you can still have a side taste of patriotism with a lot of great French thrown in.

Top Hits to listen to: "Christine," "Tilted," "Doesn't Matter," "5 Dollars." Streamed Everywhere

Studio Album Cover of 'Chaleur Humaine' Released 2014

Number Four: Julien Doré

Julien Doré, a singer, songwriter, and actor is the season five winner of the French television show, Nouvelle Star. Julien is best known for his very relaxing type of music. His music is something you could throw on while studying or just having a lonely day by yourself—either way, his voice will put you in a well-earned trance!

Top Hits to listen to: "Le Lac," "Coco Câline," "Paris-Seychelles." Streamed Everywhere

Studio Album Cover of '&' Released in 2016

Number Three: Stupeflip

Stupeflip is a French hip-hop band formed in the early 2000s. If you are looking for something to bob your head to side to side and tap your foot to, Stupeflip is the band for you. Consisting of three members: Julien Barthélémy, Stéphane Bellenger, and Jean-Paul Michel. With a diverse style of music, you can find a range of hip-hop, synthpop, and a dash of punk rock songs on all their albums.

Top Hits to listen to: "Stupeflip Vite!!!" "Gem lé moch'," "The Antidote." Streamed Everywhere.

Studio Album Cover of 'The Hypnoflip Invasion' Released 2011

Number Two: Fréro Delavega

Fréro Delavega was a French duo, consisting of Jérémy Frérot and Florian Delavega. The duo sadly parted ways in 2017 but not before leaving us with some amazing folk and love ballads that we all wish someone would write to us. With the duo's combined voices, it will make us mourn that they are no longer together and all we can do is cry to their beautiful songs.

Top Hits to listen to: "Ton Visage," "A l'équilibre," "Lorena." Streamed Everywhere

Studio Album Cover of 'Des Ombres et Des Lumières' Released 2015

Number One: Stromae

Paul Van Haver, better known as Stromae on stage, is (not!) a French artist but a Belgian musician, singer, and songwriter. All his songs are in French so it counts... right? One of the most popular amongst the list, Stromae is loved internationally and if you haven't heard one of his songs where have you been? Producing nothing but bops and hits that will either have you question the world and life or just have you dancing around the room like no one is watching, Stromae is an all-time favorite with a lot of different people and he has a great sense of style too!

Top Hits to listen to: "Tous Les Mêmes," "Peace or Violence," "Humain a l'eau." Streamed Everywhere 

Studio Album Cover of 'Racine Carrée' Released in 2013

So go ahead and take a listen to one, two, or all of these amazing artists and get a taste of the French with all these different style songs from many great artists. And remember the lyrics can be translated so don't feel so left out and enjoy!

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5 French Music Artists You Should Be Listening to!
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