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5 Worst Rap Songs of 2017

Because just because you can rap, doesn't mean you should.

Watermelon Hair.... *facepalms*

5) Lil Pump - "Gucci Gang"

Despite this song being one of the most obnoxious songs in the history of rapping, it blew up after it's release on Oct 23, 2017. First of all, drugs, sex and a high-end brand of clothing is really what this song is about. At least I think so. Second, the video takes place in a school! He is holding weed and slurring stuff about drugs! If this is how you get famous, I could probably get famous in three days and be a millionaire. 

4) Ayo & Teo - "Rolex"

Are they in a gang? Are they gonna kill me??

Now let me tell you this song is pretty catchy but you still can't understand a word they are saying. They also repeat the same lyrics over and over throughout the song. Again, we are going back to the theme of slurring (not rapping) about expensive high-end brands of clothes and such. Stop rubbing your money in our face! We get it, you have money and we don't. Also, can I just point out the the guy with the afro legit looks like a 12-year-old. Don't you have better things to do than slur about your money?

3) Jason Derulo ft. Nicki Minaj - "Swalla"

Is this what being on acid is like?

This song will get so stuck in your head, you will have to shoot yourself in the head to get it out. However, this song skyrocketed in popularity. Look what you millennials did! The music video is 1,000,000,000 times worse. It is a whole bunch of girls sexually eating candy and humping each other while Jason dances in a puddle of water with bright colors behind them. But I can't complain because you just imagine how explicit the video would be if it was the actual meaning of the song. 

2) DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller - "Wild Thoughts"

Not sexy...Just creepy...

Okay, so technically, this isn't a rap song but it still has a rap verse and it's very obnoxious. First of all, DJ Khaled is god at the instrumentals and they are really good but the vocals ruin it completely. Second of all, after Rihanna's song "Work," she started just slurring in her songs and not singing. Third of all, who in the hell is Bryson Tiller?! Literally, I haven't heard his name until this song was released. And like every other rapper on this list, he can rap but he needs to get better at speaking. Ibethewriteshislyricslikethissoheremeberstosluritall. 

1) Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown - "Only"

Nicki in underwear with two dudes in a....haunted house?

First of all, this song is five minutes long! You are just hearing random words come out of all their mouths. You have to look up the lyrics to understand what the hell is going on. Honestly, I didn't take the time to listen to all five minutes of this bull but go ahead and listen to this flaming piece of garbage. But it may have a side effect of bleeding ears. 


I know I should have put this first but these are all opinion-based and all for comedic reasons. However, I do hate all of these songs. Rap culture has changed so much and it's just getting worse. If you feel it is necessary to tell how much wrong I am, contact me at [email protected]. Thanks for reading this article of negativity. 

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5 Worst Rap Songs of 2017
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