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8 Songs That Will Make You Think About What We're Actually Listening To

These songs will make you rethink how you view today's hits.

1. 'Let Her Go' — Passenger

This song is about the fact that you only really find how much you miss someone or something when you can't have them anymore.

2. 'Stressed Out' — Twenty One Pilots

The cliche realism of becoming an adult. That's all I need to say.

3. 'So What' — P!nk

In this hit "idc" song, she lists off things that have gone wrong in her life, followed by the chorus of, "So what, I'm a rockstar." This is kind of a slap to Hollywood and anyone that thinks money will make you happy.

4. 'Pumped up Kicks' — Foster The People

This song may sound like a feel-good jam from 2010, but it's actually about trying to bring awareness to gun violence. The song is all about a school shooting in 1999. The bassist, Cubbie Fink has a cousin that survived the Columbine High shooting.

5. 'Get Ya' — Outkast

This song is very fun to dance along to, but have you ever actually read the lyrics?

 "If they actually say that nothing lasts forever, what makes love an exception?"

The more I think about it, it becomes sadder and true.

6. 'Slide' — The Goo Goo Dolls

Though this song seems like it may be a song fun about love and sex, it's actually about a woman who got an abortion.

 "Don't you love the life you ended? The priest is on the phone. Your father hit the wall, your mother disowned you."

7. 'Take Me to Church' — Hozier

This song is about his "imaginary" girlfriend who actually turned out to be a homosexual, not accepted by society, as she appears to be dead, because she was "born sick." Personally, feeling this song is a bit messed up...

8. 'Dying in LA' — Pan!c at the Disco

This amazing price of art done by Brandon Urie brings out the story of how you would do anything for your dreams as long as you die with them, but sometimes getting to your dreams feels like you're dying. And in the end, this song was written with a friend who claimed "if you're not in the top three artists at your label. No one cares who you are." He claims it's given him the most amount of opportunities, and most amazing people, but also the worst, most wicked selfishly people out there. This song is about bringing something to the table that actually matters.

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8 Songs That Will Make You Think About What We're Actually Listening To
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