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#901Spotlight HotKey Studios: Blake Heimbach

We had the pleasure of sitting with guitarist for One Less Reason and owner of HotKey Studios, Blake Heimbach, and he had some of the most amazing news for us to share with the Memphis Music Community.

Heimbach, who was one of the original creative inhabitants of Young Avenue Sound with us as we opened up shop, is another one of the ambitious, young professionals we have grown sharing space with. His portfolio contains some of the biggest acts out of Memphis, including YoGotti, Tori WhoDat, and Grace Askew, but his passion for the business and Memphis Music community has led him to want to do something more altruistic. We love the ones who are invested in improving the overall tendency of local artists to succeed.

HotKey Studios really began when a 15-year-old high school kid found a film class at Collierville High School, formerly a Shelby County School. On any given weekend you may have found Heimbach working for local musicians to make some of the best videos coming out of the local scene. He continued to grow his craft at Austin Peay University, and upon graduating, the business became official. It’s hard for him to pinpoint the beginning of his day job, when he basically does what he loves to do.

From major motion pictures, documentaries, to music videos, he has successfully dabbled with the best. When we first met him, you would hear him working next door for hours at a time, painstakingly clipping and editing projects, sometimes the same few seconds, over and over again. Cutting corners isn’t in his vocabulary. Even our vlog, although not one of his high profile clients, was handled with meticulousness and care. The product of such work, and the dedication shows in every project he touches—all the while, he humbly emphasizes they “aren’t even the best in this city.”

HotKey Studios, in an effort to bring high quality video production to local artists has opened their consideration and business model to accept more, lower budget clients. Without sacrificing professional looking quality, local artists can have a simple performance track created for little more than what they invest in their art already. They are doing this, according to Heimbach, because he has seen the change in the music scene creating even more barriers for artists, and doing this will hopefully help them break those barriers. A once thriving local scene geared toward not just bar crowds, but young audiences, has seen extinction. No more venues allow all ages shows, and a young band, will have underage fans. Ages 14- 25 is one of the major targets for musicians and industry. The youth drive sales, increase visibility, and will take an obscure artist to stardom.

While you check out the promo reel at the end of the vlog, see how many faces you recognize.  Thanks for watching. See you at 39!

HotKey Studios is Blake Heimbach, Trevor Finney, Nick Hein and Cody Landers. If you would like to get more information, contact [email protected] or visit the website. Find HotKey on Facebook and IG.
*Virtuosity Memphis is a booking agency out of Memphis, TN. Send any artists/tracks for future consideration to [email protected] Please include name and any bio information, along with pertinent links, an MP3 with cover art or MP4, and contact information. For further information, email [email protected] All content of this vlog is property of Virtuosity Memphis with the exception of music and art affiliated with featured artists, and intro music which remains the sole property of the licensure/ copyright holder.  

#901Spotlight, HotKey Studio's Blake Heimbach

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#901Spotlight HotKey Studios: Blake Heimbach
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