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A Musical Love Affair

Tell me you feel the same.

So, music. That beautiful combination of sounds and words that can take us anywhere, cure our aching heart and make us all feel like a single lady. Whilst trying to apply to internships in just about everything, I started writing this. And then it became clear that it was not one of those things I could whittle down to just 500 words. So here I go…

Music to me is more like a love affair. I like to keep it hidden, I don’t really like sharing all that much and I have a good few guilty pleasures!

This love affair, rightly so, has turned out to be on my own dating “checklist.” What is their vibe? Who are they really? Can we sit together in a room with Tom Misch playing and be completely content? These are the real questions! Who cares what shoes they wear or if they have a good job; as long as they can look into my eyes whilst I look into theirs with Kusanagi by ODESZA (if you don't know, get to KNOW) playing in the background and feel utterly and completely, wholeheartedly lost. Right? (Hit me up btw if you’re out there xox)

Whilst writing this I decided to come up with some facts. It’s all well and good writing about the effect music has on me...a single 21-year-old graduate, in between jobs, trying to make it in the big city. But what about you? Us? Is music really a hidden, global love affair?

So, I did what any loser writing all this down would do…I googled.

Unsurprisingly to the world of science and psychology there has been thousands of studies on this exact topic…music, love, relationships, what music is best for first date dinner, second date dinner and third da...(you get the picture). But the main thing I realised was that I wasn’t just too emotionally involved in American teen romance movies on Netflix, and I don’t have an unhealthy obsession with frank ocean…well.

Here are the facts:

  1. “Music preferences provide information about a person’s core values, and people exhibit 'musical bonding' early in relationship development through the feeling that they have similar values and ideals” (perfect quote to justify my “checklist”)
  2. “Musical taste can definitely affect whether or not you can date someone because music seeps into other areas of life as well such as clothing and outlooks on life” (yup, yes, uh huh)
  3. Ok this one isn’t a fact as such but have a think about going on a road trip…How would that work exactly if every second song made you want to jump out the window? Or muffle your ears with your hands? For real. Think about it. No thank you.

So, what was the point of all this then? Well, think of a time you’ve seen someone talk about something their passionate about? a passion that looks like its consuming them and they're about to explode! You see their eyes getting bigger and their hands start making ridiculous shapes. You feel like you can’t keep up, you can feel their breath getting shorter as they try and tell you everything that’s going on in their head about that one thing, moment, topic they are entirely consumed by. Well that’s me, right now, trying to write 500 words about how music makes me feel.

So, keep singing, keep tapping your toes or bopping your head. Keep your very own concert going in the shower and keep being you!

Whoever and wherever you are. Because you, are amazing!

All my love to you and your love affair.

E x

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A Musical Love Affair
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