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A Review of Taylor Swift's 'Reputation'

The Great, the Good, and the Catchy

Taylor Swift's sixth studio album Reputation has broken multiple records, including the record for fastest-selling album to hit No. 1 on iTunes (it took only six minutes!), the top-selling album of 2017, the best opening week of any album this year, and even Taylor's previous record for most presales (it sold over double the amount of presales for "1989"). In addition, Reputation also caused Taylor to become the first ever artist to debut four albums with at least one million copies sold in the first week. With its success, it's no secret Reputation has landed quite the reputation with her fans and it's even less of a surprise that every single on the album is absolute gold. In honor of the greatness that is Reputation, I've decided to review each song in order of my most played favorites to least played favorites. My best friend and I stayed up and listened to each song at midnight on release day while reading the lyrics and discussing each song in detail so this is a mixture of my initial reactions and my thoughts upon further reflection!

I Did Something Bad

This SONG will forever be my number one! From the opening lyrics, "I never trust a narcissist, but they love me so I play 'em like a violin and I make it look oh-so-easy 'cause for every lie I tell them, they tell me three" to lines like, "if a man talks shit, then I owe him nothing," I can feel this song in my SOUL. It's 100 percent a soundtrack for anyone who has ever realized their worth and learned to not put up with crap from a man. This song is my favorite because she has finally realized her worth, it is her turn to play, and she's not going to let anyone make her feel bad about it. All in all, this is my go-to song to blare and sing at the top of my lungs when I'm home alone.

End Game

I listen to this song probably just as much or maybe even more than "I Did Something Bad" so it's a VERY close second. I mean, Taylor Swift singing with Ed Sheeran? That's a music combo made in Heaven! Then throw in Future and that's an added bonus! The "ooh's" and "aah's" always make me want to wave my hands in the air to the beat and I love how they managed to use the lyrics "I wanna be your A-Team." Although, I shouldn't be surprised because both Swift and Sheeran are lyrical geniuses. I get goosebumps every time Sheeran sings, "After the storm, something was born on the 4th of July." And when Swift sings, "Reputation precedes me, they told you I'm crazy I swear I don't love the drama, it loves me" I just want to scream YASS, QUEEN. Her lyrics, "I bury hatchets, but I keep maps of where I put 'em" are also amazing because she may forgive but she never forgets and that's such an important life lesson.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

The only reason I didn't list this song as my number one is the fact that it's track 13 (I see what you did there, Taylor) and because of that I don't listen to it as much as "I Did Something Bad" and "End Game." Other than that, this song is an absolute ANTHEM for anyone who has been caught up in drama that is completely out of their control and wasn't necessarily even their fault (yes, Kanye, you brought this on yourself). My favorite lines of the whole album without a doubt come from this song with lyrics such as, "There I was giving you a second chance but you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand and therein lies the issue friends don't try to trick you, get you on the phone and mind-twist you and so I took an axe to a mended fence," "But I'm not the only friend you've lost lately. If only you weren't so shady" and "And here's to my momma, had to listen to all this drama." Last but not least, the line, "And here's to you 'cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do Haha, I can't even say it with a straight face" is my absolute favorite on the ENTIRE album. Altogether, I just relate to this song on SO MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS.

So It Goes...

This was originally one of my top favorite songs on the album because of how risqué it is but I listened to it so much that I wore it out and am currently on a break. However, I still love the lines, "And our pieces fall right into place, get caught up in the moments, lipstick on your face so it goes...," and "You know I'm not a bad girl, but I do bad things with you." I mean c'mon! Is it hot in here or is it just me? "I'm yours to keep and I'm yours to lose" is also one of my favorite lines because YASS, girl!


The opening lyrics, "This ain't for the best... my reputation's never been worse, so you must like me for me…" are some of my favorite opening lyrics on the entire album. I just think it's such a great opening and gets me really hype. I also think this song is one of the sweetest ones on the album because it's all about her trying to determine if it's the right time to tell her man how she feels because it's such a "delicate" topic. That being said, I like that it's still a bit racy with the line, "Do the girls back home touch you like I do?" It just has a really great balance.

Don't Blame Me

The beat to this song is so catchy and if you add that to the fact that it's basically a confession song where she's admitting she's addicted to love, it's just such GOLD. I also love the lyrics, "I've been breaking hearts a long time and toying with them older guys" because I'm a big fan of the whole players getting played theme. The line, "And baby, for you, I would fall from grace" is also one of my favorites because of the beat! The fact that it's kind of a slower song but also super catchy is AMAZING.

Dancing With Our Hands Tied

This song GETS ME. I'm always a fan of songs with the star-crossed lover theme and this is basically the story of every couple in the public eye who desperately wants to stay together but the pressure gets to them. With lyrics like, "You said there was nothing in the world that could stop it. I had a bad feeling," "People started talking, putting us through our paces. I knew there was no one in the world who could take it. I had a bad feeling," and "I loved you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us," it just gives me MAJOR feels. The beat is also on point.

King Of My Heart

The fact that the song starts out slow and then the beat drops is one of my favorite things. The line, "We met a few weeks ago now you try on calling me, baby, like trying on clothes" is so relatable to me. When the song picks up with "Salute to me I'm your American Queen and you move to me like I'm a Motown beat" the beat is FIRE. If I were working out at the gym and this came on, I'd step up my game." I also really like the line '"Cause all the boys and their expensive cars with their Range Rovers and their Jaguars never took me quite where you do" because she's calling out her exes and just yes, girl! In addition, the lyrics, "Is this the end of all the endings? My broken bones are mending," "Say you fancy me, not fancy stuff" and "Baby, all at once, this is enough" are some of my favorite on the album. Taylor just has such a way with words.

New Year's Day

As the only ballad on the album, this track not only delivered but also exceeded all of my expectations. I adore the fact that the album ends with a ballad after all of the bops. It’s just a really nice conclusion. The lyrics, “Don't read the last page but I stay when you're lost, and I'm scared and you're turning away I want your midnights but I'll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year's Day” and “Please don't ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere” just remind me of a fanfic-esque love story. I’m also a big fan of songs about holidays for some weird reason so I give this such a thumbs up.


I feel like this song sums up how I feel when I like someone new with lyrics like, "You're so cool, it makes me hate you so much" and "You're so gorgeous I can't say anything to your face 'cause look at your face." I can just relate to this feeling on an emotional level and love that she actually put that feeling into words. Only Taylor.


My initial reaction to this song was: OH MY GOSH. If I summed this song up with one word it would be: HOT. At first, it caught me off guard and honestly made me so glad I’ve grown up with Taylor throughout the years and am not listening to this as child and giving my parents a heart attack because of how “inappropriate" it is (parents... *rolls eyes*). Upon further reflection, though, I just really appreciate this song so much because basically Taylor Swift finally made a sex track and like what more could you ask for? I think it's filled with palpable tension with lyrics like, "everyone thinks that they know us but they know nothing about all of this silence and patience, pining and anticipation, my hands are shaking from holding back from you. All of this silence and patience, pining and desperately waiting, my hands are shaking from all this." I also love how she includes the tiny details of the first time she and her love met with the lyrics, "flashback when you met me, your buzz cut and my hair bleached." I love when she drops hints like that so we can follow the timeline of the song. Overall, I think it's safe to say this is the sexiest song on the album and it will more than likely land on multiple "bedroom" playlists.

Getaway Car

As soon as the song started my first thought was: BONNIE AND CLYDE. Before she even said it, I got that vibe and I'm always down for a good Bonnie and Clyde-esque track so I was super excited. It wasn’t my favorite at first but has really grown on me. I’m in love with the line, “We never had a shotgun shot in the dark” and when I heard the line, “We were jet set Bonnie and Clyde until I switched to the other side” my first reaction was: YES, I WAS RIGHT, IT’S A BONNIE AND CLYDE SONG. With lyrics like, “It's no surprise, I turned you in 'cause us traitors never win” this track is just such a winner.

Look What You Made Me Do

This song was originally my favorite when it first debuted but although I didn’t think it was possible, I’ve officially worn it out. However, can I just start by saying this music video is BY FAR the BEST video ever made in the history of ever? I could write an entire review just about that but as for now, I'll just stick to reviewing the actual song. I love the lines, "I've got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined. I check it once, then I check it twice" because it's such a nod to "Blank Space" and who doesn't love "Blank Space." I think my favorite part of the song and one of my favorite lines of the whole album is when she says, "I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead!" I LOVE LOVE LOVE when the music breaks and she talks. It's one of my absolute favorite things in Taylor's music and this was just so unexpected at my initial listen that I instantly fell in love with it. I also love to sing to this in the car and just sing that part really viciously.

Call It What You Want

This song is so so sweet and just really made me realize how truly happy Taylor is with her current boyfriend. With lyrics like, "Nobody's heard from me for months, I'm doing better than I ever was" this track just brings me peace as a fan to know how happy she is now. I'm also a big fan of the line,"'cause he really knows me which is more than they can say" because it's tagging the naysayers as "they" and I am all about songs which are based on the whole "we're happy regardless of what anyone else thinks about us" theme.

... Ready For It?

I definitely was not ready for this song but I am so here for it! To me, it has such a club beat and the lyrics are genius! The line, "he can be my jailer, Burton to this Taylor" GOT me because the love of actress Elizabeth Taylor's life was Richard Burton. They did 11 films together throughout the course of their careers and were married twice. As many people know, Elizabeth Taylor was known for having a lot of husbands so I just really like how Taylor used that lyric as sort of metaphor to her own love life of dating different guys and finally finding the one. In addition, I also really like the lyrics, "every lover known in comparison is a failure I forget their names now, I'm so very tame now" since in "Blank Space" she talks about keeping a list of the names of all of her exes and how she's crazy. By saying she forgets their names now and she's so tame, in a way this song is basically a conclusion to "Blank Space."

All in all, Reputation simultaneously offers a dose of self-empowerment and hope and desire for true love. It’s a lyrical masterpiece and some of Taylor’s best work yet. I 10/10 recommend that anyone who hasn’t already bought this album make it their New Year’s resolution to do so. You definitely won't regret it! You can buy Reputation on ITunes HERE or purchase the physical copy HERE

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A Review of Taylor Swift's 'Reputation'
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