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All Genres Allowed—Top Fives

'Braxton Family Values', Parisalexa & Jazz Legend Chet Baker

Braxton Family Values returns to WE TV, April 4.

Some times All Genres Allowed is going to take you into the world of the Top Five. That's when we make random lists of whatever we choose and you have the liberty to agree, take us to task, or just simply read along. Okay, now that you're up to speed, here you go!

Top Five Songs by Braxtons Not Named Toni

Tamar Braxton

It's crazy to think that 'Braxton Family Values' has been on since 2011. Their family success story is one of resilience, as each sister and even their mom has been able to carve their place in pop culture during the decade.  

As the Braxtons prepare to premier a new season of shows on WE TV, April 4, we stop to reflect. Going into 2011, many people just saw the gang as Toni's sisters, but they can now all be recognized by name, and the show has given fans a chance to see that they aren't just famous for being famous. They have talent and each sister has a wonderful unique voice. As a true Braxton fan who bought Tamar's first CD in 2000 and owner of The Braxton's So Many Ways album (1996), All Genres Allowed is gonna drop its official first Top Five on the "Top Five Songs by Braxtons Not Named Toni."

1. "Love and War" by Tamar Braxton (2013)

Tamar's solo album was good, but many fans had a hard time taking her out of her Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum selling, big sister Toni's shadow. But just like Serena Williams did with big sister Venus, Tamar served an undeniable ace with "Love and War," which allowed her to break through.

It was nominated for two Grammys, topping the Billboard Adult R&B Songs chart. Every legendary singer makes her mark with that signature song. Just as Toni did with "Unbreak My Heart," Tamar accomplished the same with "Love and War."

2. "Lifeline" by Traci Braxton (2018)

Traci Braxton

I used to hate when they would call Traci Braxton "Wanna Be" in the early days of the Braxton Family Values.

She often seemed like the odd woman out at times, but you can't keep a talented woman down forever. Traci Braxton has released two albums over the past five years and her 2018 release On Earth included her most beautiful selection entitled "Lifeline."

This ambient number was one of the most slept on love songs of the year, and showcases Traci's voice in a pleasing, melodious way, that takes on those beautiful deep tones that are a Braxton trademark.

On a final note, Traci proved to be nobody's "Wanna Be" when her debut single "Crash & Burn" reached 16 on the R&B chart in 2014.

3. "If I Don't Have You" by Tamar Braxton (2015)

For those of you who didn't learn after "Love and War," Tamar's "If I Don't Have You" proved to be a knockout punch to any non believers. She scored another Grammy nomination with this song, which climbed all the way to number six on the Adult R&B Songs Chart.

"If I Don't Have You" was produced by Da Internz who also produced for Justin Beiber, Boyz II Men, and Rihanna, and various other giants in the music industry. 

4. "Take Home to Momma" by The Braxtons (1996)

Towanda, Tamar and Traci in 1996.

They were so young, almost unrecognizable. Tamar was still a teenager, but the girls had the gift. 

Believe it or not, prior to the 2000s there were tons of girl groups, and it was so easy to forget to listen to some of them. The Braxton's So Many Ways went under the radar, as groups like TLC, SWV, EnVogue and others made waves around the nation. Nonetheless, this album is a good listen over 20 years later and "Take Home to Momma" is the song that pulls you in and allows you to see, that these girls have something to work with. 

5. "The Chipmunk Song" by Tamar Braxton, Featuring Trina Braxton (2013)

Right after Tamar dropped her Love and War album in 2013, she followed things up with a Christmas themed LP entitled Winter Loversland.

Everybody loves "The Chipmunk Song" already, but Tamar and Trina sing it in ways that Alvin, Simon and Theodore could only dream. Their rendition was a minute and 12 seconds and done in acapella form, which stole the show on an already strong seasonal album. 

Top Five Songs Featuring Parisalexa


We told you a little while back about this beautiful songbird out of Seattle. She has two solo EPs available on all platforms, Bloom and Flexa, but you may not have known about some of her features. Here goes the Top Five Songs Featuring Parisalexa.

1. "Lovin' You" by Mike Sylvester Featuring Parisalexa—Lane 1974 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2017)

In a previous All Genres Allowed we said that Parisalexa's sound translates well to different generations. This song has a Bill Withers feel to it, and you can imagine your great-uncle or aunt bobbing their heads to it while it plays on their ride home from work. 

It's got a pre-millenial sound that will be viewed as timeless, like the mid-1970s classics by Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. 

2. "Now or Never" by Dream Journal Featuring Parisalexa (2018)

Remember that "My Boo" song by the Ghost Town DJs? This song feels like an updated more sophisticated version of the '90s hit.

Now or Never has got a moveable feel good groove that you can imagine hearing on the dance floor, or during a Saturday morning cleaning session at the crib.

3. "Fake Love" (Nile Waters Remix) by Samurai Del Featuring Parisalexa and Nile Waters (2018)

"Fake Love" remixed by Nile Waters takes you back the 1980s when your moms or grandmoms, depending on your age, was grooving to Zapp's Computer Love.

The difference is that there is a parallel take on love by Parisalexa. Instead of finding romance on a computer screen, she's dealing with the issue of only being able to fake love.

4. "Falling" by Mike Sylvester Featuring Parisalexa—Lane 1974 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2017)

Another track from the Lane 1974 soundtrack, Parisalexa and Mike Sylvester find the soul that Canadian soul singer and musician Remy Shand tapped into on his single "Take a Message" back in 2001. 

If you're a fan of 1970s movie soundtracks like Shaft, The Mack, Trouble Man etc, you'll love this song and perhaps the entire project, which features other artists.

5. "Boop Bop Da Willy Willy" by Grieves, Featuring Parisalexa (2017)

For all of you who are like, "dang dude, I wasn't born until after 2000, I aint hip to those 1970s and '90s sounds," we got your back. 

Here's a new school type of track which features Grieves. Meanwhile all you hip-hop purists that crave for the boom bap sounds of A Tribe Called Quest; this will get you going.

A Little Chet Baker To Go

Chet Baker

We're running short on time, so before we get out of here, we'll give you some jazz to snack on. Chet Baker was a trumpet player who had a romantic sound, and made beautiful music with his instrument. Peep this list while you're streaming music.

Top Five Songs to Check Out by Chet Baker

  1. "My Old Flame on Live At Ann Arbor" (1955)
  2. "Lover Man on Live at Ann Arbor" (1955)
  3. "How High the Moon on Chet" (1959)
  4. "These Foolish Things on Chet is Back" (1962)
  5. "Autumn in New York on The Touch of Your Lips" (1979)