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Appetite for Destruction

The best 80's hard rock

I'm 40 years old now. I first heard this song on my friend's cassette player when I was ten years old. I fell in love. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This song just consumed me! I was like "Oh My God!" I was ten years old and had never heard anything like it! I couldn't wait to get the cassette for myself. Of course, my parent's were skeptical just by the group's name. "Guns N' Roses." I remember my sister, who is older, said it had to be bad just by the name. "Guns N' Roses," she said, "It's simple, you shoot someone with a gun, and then put roses on their grave." 

Axl's Best Performance!

It's 2017!  Now we all can reflect on the tremendous success of this bad ass group. Everyone has heard the saying, "What goes up, must come down!" Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. As most know, the drugs and feuding amongst the members; or at least, with Axl. Between Axl's antics and tardiness, and even forcing the other bandmates to sign over the name of the group to him. Even though the spotlight was mostly on Axl, they still were supposed to be a team. All that and more killed what many says, was the "Most Bad Assed Band in Rock N' Roll History."  I agree with those many people. It wasn't ever the same since Stephen first got kicked out of the band for drug use. Hell, it's Guns N' Fk'n Roses!  Some would even say drugs was the glue between them.  Stephen must have been really bad off. They should have gotten him help I guess; but, they were all on drugs, so checking him into rehab probably was the last thing on anyone's mind.  Stephen must have been way too far gone. 

So Good, All Together...

After that, it's like the wall just kept crumbling down. One original band member left, and then another, and then another, til' there was only one... Axl. It went from Guns N' Roses to Axl and some other guys that nobody knew. I'm sorry to say, but it was pathetic. Such a dramatic change has never taken place with a band; not to such a degree. This went on for years; Axl with his band of nobody's. They dropped a couple albums that did nothing. Over the years Axl gained a bunch of weight, to where he was hardly recognizable. He's had all kinds of plastic surgery. Slash still looks cool as ever, Duff and the rest look okay too. Axl; however, looks like a freak of nature! His face looks like someone just tightly stretched some skin over his face.  He looks weird as hell! I never thought I'd ever bash Axl Rose. Below is an example of what he tried to do by himself; along with the backup of "GN'R wannabees".

One could argue that he was kidding with this trash!

After Axl saw this sound was in no way gonna work, he and the other new guys through the years just kept playing the same songs that were created by the original members, other than Matt Sorum. He joined replacing Stephen before Illusions dropped. Anybody that chose to read this article already knows that nothing new has been written. Nothing worth mentioning anyway. After all these years of "Nothingness" from the so-called "Guns N' Roses," Axl hooked up with AC/DC because unfortunately, Brian Johnson had to quit because of hearing loss. AC/DC is a hard ass rocking band for sure, and there is no better front man than Axl Rose; at least, not while in his prime anyway. Axl singing in AC/DC just doesn't sound right to me. Finally, still not ALL of the original line up; but most of them are once again playing together. Still the same old songs; but fortunately those "same old songs" are and always will be bad ass! Whether they are going to release something new is a mystery. Even if they do, it will never be as good or have the same feeling and vibe as what the original line-up provided for us all, long ago.  

Here below is all the original line up except for Izzy, back together like they should have been all this time. Izzy however does show up "sporadically" for (some) shows though. Don't we all wish we could "Turn back Time"?