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Aradia's Powerful Single 'CEO'

Music to Inspire You

I’m an honest person. Overly nice, but honest without being cruel. In an effort to keep myself that way I have to say that the first time I listened to this song I didn’t really dig it. It just wasn’t my thing and I didn’t get it. However, it seriously started to grow on me the second time I listened to it. And, now I really like this song and I absolutely love what it stands for. Aradia is talented and someone to look up to, by men and women alike.

I think the best place to start with explaining myself here is by checking out the crowdfunding video Aradia did for this song so that she could afford to make an awesome video, her way. She wanted to let people see that they have creative power in their lives and that they can be their own bosses and do what they love, even without stepping on the little guy.

Watch the crowdfunding video here

Aradia is an electropop queen with a good head on her shoulders. She is talented, creatively and as a business woman. You have to respect that, even if it takes you a couple listens to be able to appreciate her song.

The first time I listened was through the video for “CEO,” which is available on YouTube. I didn’t actually watch the video at the time. When I listened again I watched it and got an even better understanding of the song and its lyrics. There is nothing simple about this video, even if Aradia herself seems to be the focal point. In fact, this video does everything possible to give you a visual of exactly what the song is saying.

Watch the Music Video Here

“Aradia composes [and] produces her own music. She makes her own beats and works hard to create soundscapes that blend pop, house and hardcore electronica.” 

She is definitely creative and talented. Her music will make you want to get up and dance, especially when you listen to the “Boss Mix” available on Spotify.  Not only does she make all her own beats and record her own music, but “she also designs her own futuristic fantasy garb.” OK, so now I am in love with her.

The “Boss Mix” is my favorite of the three versions of this song I have heard, but only because it picks the beat up some so that I could dance to it for fitness or add it to my walking playlist music. The original seems a bit mellow compared to this mix. 

Through that same Spotify link above you can also listen to the “Him&Him Mix” of “CEO”, which has kind of an 80s R&B sound to it. I thought it sounded like 80s Michael Jackson’s music turned into rave beats.

Aradia has been honing her music her entire life. She attended Aaron Copland School of Music, before dropping out in order “to make music on her own terms."

“I just wanted to be happy
I just want to play my songs
but it took me a long time to learn that I was doing it wrong, doing it wrong.
Now I’ve learned to make it snappy
I should have known all along
If you want to make it happen
Well then you have got to be strong, got to be strong.”

This is how the song begins and it truly says so much about real life. This song describes her work toward making the music she wants to make, but it could really describe anybody’s life when they are striving to be what they want to be, whether it’s a musician or a painter, or even something more mundane.

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Aradia's Powerful Single 'CEO'
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