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Artist Profile: Billy Raffoul

The New Neil Young?

Credit: Google Images

Billy Raffoul's voice has this rawness that makes every lyric feel so real; creating a story in my mind. The Canadian-born singer has an amazing voice that has captivated the rock world; with a likeness to Neil Young and Jeff Buckley.

I remember going through my Spotify and he was an artist they had recommended. And let me just say I don't regret taking a listen. At the time he had only one song released called "Driver", which happens to be one of my favorites songs by him. Months later he released more musical material that shows off his mesmerizing vocals.

Raffoul grew up in a creative family; his mother is an artist, writer, and teacher. His father, Jody Raffoul, was a solo artist and hometown hero, who opened for artists such as Joe Cucher and Bon Jovi. Billy Raffoul credits his earliest musical influences to his dad, who constantly played The Beatles, Otis Redding, and Sam Cooke around the house. While in high school Raffoul bought his first guitar; the same model and year as the one Jimi Hendrix has been photographed with. During this time Raffoul also watched his father headline a show of 4,000 people, which he thought was amazing. Because of this show, Raffoul knew he wanted to do live performances. 

Photo from show with ZZ Ward

Credit: Google Images

His first paid performance was playing to long-haul drivers at a local truck stop. For the next three or four years, he put a lot into performing; playing four to five nights a week in bars. After this he got gigs singing demos for hire. One day he went to do Kid Rock demo and, as result, the guys in the studio asked if he had any original material. He played two acoustic songs for them and they shot his performances on video, sending them to Raffoul's current manager. 

Since being signed to Interscope Records, Raffoul splits his time between Nashville and Los Angeles, where he has been doing shows and collaborating with other songwriters and preparing for his debut album, which has since come out last month. Raffoul's inspiration for songs comes from things he has experienced or things someone else he is close to has experienced. He has also talked about how he finds himself going back to moments of time from the past, and picking apart these little experiences and just building them into bigger things. He also wants people to know that his songs are genuine and that they have been lived in. 

Some of my favorite tracks my Raffoul include: "Driver", "I'm Not A Saint", "Difficult", and "Could You Be Mine?" These tracks are the ones I connect to and absolutely love. I feel like they show off Raffoul's vocal ability. I hope you as the reader take a listen to Billy Raffoul and find a track you like as well. 

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Artist Profile: Billy Raffoul
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