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Artists on the Rise

Here are a few artists, who I personally enjoy, that are finding their way into the music industry with talent and amazing music.

Jeremy Zucker - "all the kids are depressed" 

Chelsea Cutler

From Connecticut, this singer/songwriter does not disappoint. Her most recent album, called Sleeping With Roses is an eight-song album including some of her most popular songs like "The Reason" and "Water on the Bridge." She is best known for her song "My Shirt," which has nearly 44 million streams on Spotify. This song was a part of her first EP titled Snow in October. Chelsea has even charted on the Billboard viral chart because of her song “You Make Me.” She has collaborated with music artist, Quinn XCII and has even opened for him on his tour. She has also collaborated with Jeremy Zucker on two songs. Her lyrics can hit close to home with anyone that has gone through heartbreak. Chelsea is going on her own headlining fall tour. The tour will be going to 17 cities in the United States with many of the shows already sold out.

Chelsea Cutler live at House of Blues on February 22, 2018 | Photo by John Hutchings

Jeremy Zucker

Singer/songwriter Jeremy Zucker, who is from New Jersey, is best known for his song with Blackbear, titled, "talk is overrated", with over 20 million streams on Spotify, this song has seen radio play in Colorado. Jeremy is also known for his song “Idk Love” (over eight million streams on Spotify) off his eight-song album Motions. His most recent release is a four-song EP titled glisten. One of the popular songs off glisten is "all the kids are depressed." This song has a powerful music video that gives insight into some people's lives with depression and other mental illnesses. Jeremy will be going on his own headlining fall tour that is going to over 20 cities in North America. One of the concerts is in Minneapolis, MN and Chelsea Cutler will also be performing at the concert, due to their two collaborations called, “Better Off” and “Lonely Alone.”

Jeremy Zucker for Billboard | Photo by Noelle Edwards

The Score

The Score is a pop rock band formed in New York but based in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of Eddie Anthony (vocals, guitar) and Edan Dover (keyboard, vocals). They are best known for their song, "Unstoppable," that was featured in a Jeep commercial. They are also known for their song “Legend” that has over 20 million streams on Spotify. With over 100 million streams total on their album, Atlas, this band doesn't disappoint. They have recently released a song called, “Glory,” and they plan on releasing more new music soon. Before releasing “Glory,” they opened for Echosmith as a part of their “Inside a Dream Tour.” The Score will be going on their own headlining tour called the “Revolution Tour,” which is a North American tour with some dates in Canada. The tour will be going to over 20 cities.

The Score


Best known for his song, "I Like Me Better", American singer Lauv (Ari Leff) has over one billion combined streams on Spotify. "I Like Me Better" has reached the top ten on Billboard's Pop Songs Chart and has made appearances on the Hot 100. Lauv has also reached number one on Billboard’s emerging artists. He has recently completed a playlist under the name "I met you when I was 18", which is a 17-song playlist telling his story and experience about moving to New York City and being in love for the first time. Lauv will be going on his own fall tour and will also be opening for Ed Sheeran for his North American stadium tour. Lauv’s fall tour has 17 dates and some dates are in Europe, while the majority of them are in the United States. He will only be opening on select dates for Ed Sheeran, some of them being in Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL.

Lauv | Photo by Jennica Mae

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Artists on the Rise
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