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Australian EDM Artist Gaspar Prouvé Makes You Dance

Music you can't sit still to

EDM, electronic dance music, is a popular genre of music right now. Even in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI, local clubs know that EDM shows sell out, which means that musicians that go with this genre (and are good at it) are sure to make some money and make a name for themselves. One talented EDM artist that is currently making a name for himself is Gaspar Prouvé. Gaspar is a talented EDM artist from Australia.

You can listen to the title track of his new album (it came out in February) on Soundcloud. “You Fly” is a great track. In fact, I was dancing around in my seat while writing the beginning of this review because I listen to the music as I write. If you like to dance or workout, and you like music that makes you move, you’ll like this entire album, but especially that title track.

Listen to the title track

“For Your Soul Only” is a song I would have loved to have had a few years again when I was learning poi, a talent I’ve since given up. It has a good beat to it for those arm movements (I suggest my circus performing friends check this album out for such purposes, and because it is filled with great dance music in general).

That previously mentioned song and “Magic Ride” both bring me back to the origins of EDM and the dance music of the 80s. I know that my 80s music fan friends would also enjoy this album. It has something to offer anyone that enjoys a good beat and likes to get up and dance. I am digging this album so much I plan to add it to my workout playlist.

“Explosions In Your Mind” has a beat that would be good to run to, if you enjoy running or jogging. The thing is, EDM music is great for so many things. It’s not just dance music. It is the ideal music to push you when working out. When you’re listening to this kind of music it’s really hard to stop moving.

Another great thing about Gaspar’s music is that it really has depth to it. I am one of those people that likes to listen to every aspect of a song, and even music that is computer generated or only played on a keyboard or synthesizer still pulls me into its intricacies. These songs still have a story to tell, even without words or lyrics. The beats are telling the story. The story is what you want it to be. For you, the story might be about someone that is striving for success and will do anything to get it. For someone else, it may be a song that is about winning against those last few pounds or making it to the end of that 5k run. Let the songs you listen to tell your story.

There are 15 amazingly well-done tracks on ‘You Fly.' Every one of them worth a listen and worth a spot on your playlist. It doesn’t matter if you're looking for motivation to type faster at work or run faster on the field, this music will do it.

I really enjoyed the club mixes for “You Fly” and “For Your Soul Only.” However, my favorite songs are the tracks named for Gods; “Zeus”, “Athena”, “Poseidon”, “Hades”, “Apollo”, “Aphrodite” and “Helios.” Maybe I just like them because I am a fan of mythology, but they are great tracks. “Poseidon” has a very watery feel to the sound that Gaspar created. However, “Hades” isn’t as dark sounding as you’d think it might be.

Watch the "Aphrodite" video

If you’re looking for some good EDM, you should check this album out.

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Australian EDM Artist Gaspar Prouvé Makes You Dance
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