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Top 10 Best Stoner Rock Bands You Should Hear Today!
a year ago
Stoner rock is one of the metal sub-genres that took on a life of its own, and there’s a reason for that. It has some tasty riffs, tons of cool distortions as well as an interesting, groove laden soun...
Stoner Rock Reviews Presents: Fuzz Heady - The Birth of the Electronic Stoner Rock Genre
a year ago
A blinding blur of colors in a field of aquamarine; there’s a flash, was that sound that you tasted? Straight down into the astral basement, you feel a voice ring out. "Technicolor Roses," it echoes. ...
Do's & Don'ts of Promoting Your Music Grassroots to People on Social Media
a year ago
Here are some do's & don'ts of promoting your music grassroots to people on social media from my personal experience. Artists: struggling to get real plays and likes on your music? Here are the three ...