Aaron Kerper

Musician and Listener

Vinyl and Streaming: A David and Goliath Story and the Effect on Working Musicians
3 months ago
Vinyl Records are back and probably the most popular physical media around right now which is insane. Myself, I’ve been collecting for about 4 years give or take, but what I find most interesting is t...
Greta Van Fleet, Zeppelin, and Stealing
3 months ago
Greta Van Fleet have been making the rounds on the internet and the music industry recently, blowing up mostly this year. The band has gotten pretty good coverage, being called the “Rebirth of Rock an...
Funkadelic: 'Wars Of Armageddon'
4 months ago
Funkadelic is probably best known for the alias Parliament-Funkadelic, which in itself was a pretty influential act in the 70s, introducing a style known as “P. Funk,” essentially just uncut-funk jamm...
Riot Grrrl: Feminism's Most Important Soundtrack
5 months ago
The 1980s were a time when the music scene was primarily dominated by a misogynistic and masculine aesthetic and sound, an issue that was merely the spark to the Feminist bonfire that would slowly sta...