Amanda Gabrielle

Sometimes I feel too's what's going through my mind. 

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Welcome Back to Your Emo Days, Meet This Year's Comeback
12 days ago
To all the emo kids who are now grown up and looking to relive their youth, look no further! This Year's Comeback has given listeners their teenage years back. Crank up their tunes on the way to your ...
Showing Love to a New Artist, Kathana
23 days ago
There has been a wave of new artists lately, but one in particular who has been making quite an impression on music lovers is Kathana. The duo of Katie who is the singer/songwriter and Chris who is th...
From Reality TV to Your Spotify Playlist
2 months ago
You may be wondering who this AMMO is? Well, we have the inside scoop on the former Reality TV star. AMMO came from a Mormon family who expected him to carry on the family legacy in faith. Instead, he...
Gabe Fleck: A New Addition to Your Spotify Playlist
2 months ago
Have you heard of Gabe Fleck yet? Well, if not, you are MISSING OUT. With over 200,000 Spotify listeners, this Portland artist is quickly leaving a mark on the music industry, with no intent on stoppi...
Meet Times Like These
2 months ago
From New York City, Times Like These is a fresh take on classic pop punk. With songwriting driven by youthful fervor and catchy hooks, Times Like These went from their first backyard show in the summe...