Angel Henschel

Avid backpacker. Stubborn optimist. Unapologetically nerdy. Eternally hopefully. Unconditionally grateful.

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Five Feel Good Songs
7 months ago
We all get into funks where we just don't feel like ourselves. For a lot of us, good music can help combat that. So I've compiled a list of five of my absolute favorite tunes to pick up my mood! Wheth...
Seven of My Favorite (Rock) Breakup Songs
2 years ago
Breakups sucks. Whether you're the one initiating it or the one being left, heart break is never a fun experience. These songs sit on my iPhone in a playlist, ready to swoop in and pick up the broken ...
Six Underrated Rock Musicians
2 years ago
Music taste is a funny thing. You could absolutely despise my favorite band, because we prioritize and value different things in music. It's such a subjective topic, and yet one of our favorites to ta...