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Songs to Introduce to Someone Who Doesn't Like Country Music
a year ago
We all have friends or family who don't like country music for whatever reason) but here's a list of songs they'll love (even if they don't want to admit it).
Top 10 Underrated Country Artists
a year ago
In country music especially, there is no shortage of underrated artists. Some of the most talented artists in this genre never get the recognition they deserve. This list will be ranked by the talented artists who don't get enough radio play or artists that I think that just don't get talked about enough, and some may be newer or some may have been around for awhile.
Top 10 Underrated Hunter Hayes Songs
a year ago
Hunter Hayes is no stranger to the country music scene, winning a CMA, being nominated for multiple Grammys, and racking in multi-platinum record sales. Even with this success, Hunter is still overlooked in many ways. So personally, I think all of his songs are underrated in one way or another, but here are what I think are his top 10 underrated songs. (I'm excluding his radio singles—except for one—because his singles are more popular, but I'll make a list for that later.)