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David Bowie's 'Heroes,' Brian Eno's Influence
2 years ago
When attempting any serious evaluation of David Bowie's work, it's best to concentrate solely on the success or failure of his music, and not permit his formidable media persona to become involved in ...
Christopher Makos' 'White Trash' Book Review
3 years ago
The organic and semantic problem of decadence is its capacity to bore; an absence of vitality, no matter how stylishly served, puts one on the nod faster than a freshly rolled one right before bedtime...
'Rock N Roll Is Here to Pay' Book Review
3 years ago
Steve Chapple and Reebee Garofalo's Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Pay, together with Geoffrey Stokes' equally outstanding Star Making Machinery, should be considered required reading for anyone with a seri...