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England based carer, live with girlfriend. will write for all areas but especially mental health and disability. though as stuff for filthy seems popular will try there too

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The Best Heavy Metal Live Albums
2 years ago
As I always prefer my music live, whether gig or record, I thought I would share my favourite live records. So, in no order…
Is Dying a Good Career Move?
2 years ago
Dying as a career move may sound like a strange question, but there’s plenty of evidence that it works, at least for the deceased’s benefactors. There are many cases where the person is remembered as ...
My Top Concerts
2 years ago
Over a 30-year period I have attended some important concerts, some memorable and some poignant. Here’s a few that spring to mind. 1. I was at Wembley stadium for Queens' last concert with Freddie Mer...
Things I Hate About
2 years ago
As my girlfriend says, I don’t like loads of different things. I thought I would write a few of them in an occasional series called, "Things I Hate About… First is music. Random rapping in the middle ...
2 years ago
It was once suggested that I like the extreme music I like and the often-strange films just to be different. While I am happy to be different, it’s not intentional. I like the music I like because of ...
In to the Pit
2 years ago
I have attended various concerts over a number of years, from pubs with 30 people through to festivals with over 100,000. Where I want to be and usually get to be is at the very, very front. Often des...