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Twice "FANCY" MV Review
a month ago
I’m not gonna lie: upon my first listen to this song, I was not a fan. Being one who has a bit of trouble stepping into the turbulent waters of girl k-pop idol groups (essentially resisting it if at all possible), I have been fairly tentative with Twice from the very beginning. Their early work was not impressive to me at first. It just sounded like over-produced, super sweet, bubble-gum pop—and that’s something I’ve never been a big fan of, no matter what music I’m listening to. I mean, Twice i...
K-Pop Monster Rookie Review: ATEEZ
2 months ago
A "rookie group" refers to a K-Pop group which has just debuted, having also made a TV, music video, or stage debut on TV Music station programs. It usually takes around two to three years for groups ...
My BTS Story
2 months ago
In honor of BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour, I wanted to share how BTS came into my life and changed me for the better—how they taught me how to love myself. I know the members probably hear ...
Embarrassing Confession of a K-Pop Fan
7 months ago
So, it all started when I got a notification from Twitter—specifically, of Monsta X’s account having retweeted a Billboard tweet announcing that Monsta X will release an English version of their most ...
5 K-Pop Girl Groups You Should Be Listening To
7 months ago
Hello! Welcome to another of my K-Pop suggestion lists! As I mentioned in my previous suggestion list, K-Pop has taken Western pop culture by storm, and it's only the beginning. With BTS and a number ...
5 K-Pop Boybands You Should Be Listening To
7 months ago
K-Pop has been rapidly taking over Western popular culture. With BTS breaking through to the American music industry while still maintaining their own style, and most importantly their own language, W...