Awlstylz DJ

I am a DJ for over 20yrs and I teach music as well. My goal is to entertain as well as educate. The environment creates the music!

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2 months ago
Music is a very integral part of our life, consequently, for me, music has always been close to me, for as long as I can recall. I can recall as far back as two years old. We had just moved into Rosel...
The Greatness of 90s Music
3 months ago
90s Music: Last of a dying breed? 90s music is considered by a lot of people as the last great decade of music. The reason that opinion is shared by the majority of musicians and historians are becaus...
Music: Lifeline of Our Souls
3 months ago
Music has been a vital element in human existence since before time. On a spiritual level, music was before time. In heaven, the heavenly choir was singing music with Lucifer leading the choir consequ...