Azaria Brown

22. I'm a writer and illustrator. I like films, television, books, music, politics and being black. One of my dreams is to work for Genius. 

IG: JaneAvlxnArt


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Shortie: "Tints" Analysis
5 months ago
At first glance, "Tints" is a song about keeping a low profile while getting some head from a girl in the driver’s seat. But when you take a look at the video, and listen a bit more to the lyrics, it’s about much more than that. Rather, it's about all of the things people hide. Let’s dive deeper. The first single from Anderson .Paak’s Oxnard dropped on October 4, 2018, followed by an incredibly colorful and vibrant music video. Anderson commented on his writing process and ideas behind the track...
Shortie: Who Is Jozif Badmon?
5 months ago
Joey Bada$$ was born Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He’s a rapper, actor, model, and new father. He does all of these things under his stage name “Joey Bad$$.” So, who is...
'Hip-Hop Evolution': "Ladies First"
5 months ago
I have wanted do a Hip-Hop Evolution deep dive for so long. I think the documentary was absolutely stellar and I’ve watched it several times now. I thought it was only right to start with Queen Latifa...
Joey Bada$$ and the Amerikkkan Dream
5 months ago
Joey Bada$$ has always been an artist content with breaking forms and shattering expectations. His first official release, 1999, "resurrected boom bap" and utilized traditional hip-hop beats. His seco...
Ibeyi: A Musical Representation of Pan-Africanism
5 months ago
Black people have been pioneers, movers, and shakers in the music and entertainment world for decades. From the creation of the Blues and R&B, to the origin and development of hip-hop and rap music, w...
Protest Music: Traditional and Contemporary
5 months ago
Race issues in the United States are coming to a breaking point. The number of minorities being killed and intimidated by the hands of police and other political authority figures is growing, and thou...