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11 Deep House DJs You Need to Know
8 months ago
Aa a sub-genre of house music, deep house fuses elements of Chicago house music with jazzy elements and touches of soul music. Larry Heard is credited with being one of the genre's early adopters; he ...
What is Lo-Fi Hip Hop?
8 months ago
An astute purveyor of culture would notice that irony is hot right now. People feel important by standing out and being unique, one way to do that at the moment is by banality, irony, and nostalgia. I...
The History of Raves
8 months ago
From dungeons bunkers, to sublime warehouses and vast open fields—people find a way to rave in any location. Today, raves are grand productions with large budgets and operating crews. That was not alw...
The 13 Trippiest Electronic Music Videos You Need to See
9 months ago
Electronic music is often associated with altered states of consciousness. Distortion, surrealism, full-on abstraction, or psychedelic animation describe the variations of creative characteristics for...
10 Best Vaporwave Songs of All Time
9 months ago
A deep purple, 80s utopia, neon beaches, cool synth grooves—the best vaporwave songs make listeners transport to another dimension. The majority of comments on YouTube discuss an overwhelming sense of...
The History of Afrobeat
a year ago
A man who married 27 wives in one day, the father of Afrobeat, an eccentric, social activist—many great accomplishments are associated with the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti. His legacy lives on through hi...