Carlos Gonzalez

A passionate writer and graphic artist looking to break into the BIG TIME! Short stories, scripts and graphic art are my forte! Brooklyn N.Y. born and raised. Living in Manchester, Connecticut! Working on two novels now!

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The 'List: Paul McCartney
4 days ago
Hello, one and all. My buddy Calvin Cherry has written a tribute to one of his favorite artists. He was one of the founders of one of the greatest rock bands out of the UK. Then, in 1970, the Fab Four...
The 'List: Motown Records
6 days ago
Hello, one and all. This is a semi-dueling 'list between me and my buddy Calvin (add banana to my Oates) Cherry and a sort of a followup to our R&B 'list, which we hope we can revisit if readers show ...
The 'List: Best of R&B Vol. 1 (?)
9 days ago
Hello, one and all. This new 'list is a labor of love for the both of us; me and my buddy Calvin (Wilford Brimley loves to eat Oates) Cherry have an affinity for R&B music and this may be the first in...
The 'List: 'Flashdance' 35 Years Later
11 days ago
Hello, one and all. The 1980s were a time of relatively simple pleasures. We could still buy 45 PRM singles and 33-1/3 vinyl LPs. We now had MTV as our other music source. We didn't have the internet,...
The 'List: Bon Jovi
13 days ago
"Let it rock. Let it roll; you can't stop the fire burning outta control..." Lyrics from "Let It Rock" - first album cut from 1986's "Slippery When Wet." Hello, one and all. The third (but who's actua...
The 'List: Valentine's Day
15 days ago
Hello, one and all. My close BFF Calvin (I'm the Hall to his Oates) Cherry has been battling the elements, so this 'list is an all-me 'list and yes, no surprise - it coincides with the big holiday tha...