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Witty Writer Poet Blogger. I've been writing professionally since age 14. I run a book and music review site via The Smart Cookie Philes. I'm 26, Saint Leo University graduate, and a Florida native who enjoys street skateboarding.

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Rachel Platten is Creating Waves and a Movement with Sophomore Album
2 years ago
Following graduating college, I had stars in my eyes. I was hellbent on becoming a publicist. I've always been fascinated with the celebrity lifestyle but I also saw what a lot of people don't: famous...
Demi Lovato Will Have You in Love with Her Artistry with New Album 'Tell Me You Love Me'
2 years ago
One thing I love is someone who doesn't give a flying freak about what people think of them. They embrace who they are and they are candid about that person, flaws and all. Well, the first time I ever...
Fifth Harmony Proves You Can Be 'Miss Movin' On' with New Album Minus One Group Member
2 years ago
On December 19, 2016, a shattering blow would come to four out of five members of the pop music and somewhat iconic girl group Fifth Harmony, as news broke early that morning via Twitter that Camila C...
Ryan Follese's Debut Solo Album Is Evidence You Can't Change Those Roots
2 years ago
Everyone may not realize this but the guy with the guitar singing about backroads and putting a label on it isn't new to music, let alone country music. That's Ryan Follese, son of singer songwriters ...
Ke$ha's 'Rainbow' Is a Hopeful Comeback After Five Year Hiatus
2 years ago
I'm not sure if I need to say this but Ke$ha started out as a songwriter for other artists, most famously Britney Spears. Her debut as an artist was called "Tik Tok," and featured a comment about brus...
Music Magic: 16 Songs That Will Get Stuck in Your Head This Summer
2 years ago
We all love to hit the beach in the summer and on the way there, car rides need to pump you up and get you in the mood for summer. Without further ado, here are 16 songs you can replay over and over, ...