Chelsea DeVries

Witty Writer Poet Blogger. I've been writing professionally since age 14. I run a book and music review site via The Smart Cookie Philes. I'm 26, Saint Leo University graduate, and a Florida native who enjoys street skateboarding.

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#ICYMI: Eight Songs That Will Make Your Playlist Pop
2 years ago
I love music so much that I found a new way to pay to expand my music library without downloading a million songs and taking up space on my hard drive and/or my iPod. I subscribed to Pandora Plus, whi...
#MusicLove: Alessia Cara's #KnowItAll Is a Lesson In Hit-Making Music
2 years ago
Google defines a "know it all" as someone who behaves as though they know everything. Alessia Cara must identify as such in some form because this is the title of her debut album. She didn't always co...