Chloe Gilholy

Author of 9 books (including Drinking Poetry & Fishman) and over 300 stories across many genres. 

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The 004 - 'Personal' EP
5 days ago
Thank you, Mike, for asking me to review one of your EPs again, especially for your lovely comments about my writing. It was an honour to listen to your music again. The 004 has been a band that I cov...
Music Acts I Want to See Live
4 months ago
With so much music out there that I would not have discovered if it wasn't for the likes of YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, I don't know where my life would be without them. Some of the acts I've l...
'Simple Man' - Klaus Nomi
6 months ago
Klaus Nomi's fascinating discography is short; two studio albums and a handful of compilations after he passed away, along with singles that seem to be out of print. I think the guy had terrific talen...
Within Temptation - 'The Heart of Everything'
6 months ago
Dutch rockers Within Temptation have to be one of the most daring groups in music today. With every album, Within Temptation add something new to their music and their fanbase increases. Following the...
Within Temptation in Concert
6 months ago
One of the many things I wanted to do on my wishlist was to see Within Temptation in concert. Last weekend on the 10th of November this became a reality. I would say that Within Temptation were in my ...
An Ode to Klaus Nomi
7 months ago
If I could travel back in time and see one artist or band perform live, it would be Klaus Nomi. To this day, it saddens me that I will never get to see him in concert. Klaus Nomi is one of those singe...