Christina St-Jean

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'Wish You Were Gay:' Billie Eilish, What Were You Thinking?
11 days ago
It seems the world has effectively fallen in love with Billie Eilish since her first song released on SoundCloud, "Ocean Eyes"—went viral in 2016. With the release of her current title, "Wish You Were...
'Leaving Neverland'—A Legacy That May Never Be Confirmed
16 days ago
Leaving Neverland, a two-part HBO documentary that chronicles the stories of two men who report they were sexually assaulted by legendary pop star Michael Jackson, is a story that may have needed to b...
David Cassidy Dies: Celebrate What Was
a year ago
Sometimes, when you see someone in their later years and you are absolutely stunned as to just how poorly they seem to be doing, you sometimes have a hard time erasing that image from your brain. When...
Sia Posts Nude Shot, Says "Everyday Is Christmas"
a year ago
While (hopefully) not many of us are caught in the compromising position of having an unwanted nude photo floating around in the ether, I can only hope that I'm as brave as Sia in confronting the phot...
ACLU Defends Blogger Who Suggests White Supremacy Connection with Taylor Swift
a year ago
Apparently, it's not a great time to be Taylor Swift right now. Don't get me wrong; Swift's life is undoubtedly comfortable from a superficial standpoint. She's a multi-million selling singer, with so...
Jason Aldean Not Backing Down
a year ago
How is Jason Aldean keeping it together this week? On October 1, the country singer was on stage for the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. When the shooting broke out, it's been widely reported that Al...