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5 Notable Album Releases for 10/5/2018
15 days ago
The week of October 5th has a wide array of albums and genres to choose from, and while there's no Kanye or Eminem album within sight, there are a lot of old favorites who are putting out new stuff. B...
Maxo Kream - Best Bars off His Texas Hip Hop Album 'Punken'
9 months ago
'Punken' is Maxo Kream's new album released January 12, 2018. This being his first album was a surprise to me since I was a big fan of his mixtape 'Quicc Strikes.' Turns out that, or any of his other ...
5 Notable Album Releases for 1/10/2018
9 months ago
It's the beginning of the year and we're past that phase where artists are afraid to release albums because they'll be in that bitter spot where they miss a lot of the top ten lists and then not be el...
2017 Top 10 Albums from a Guy with Bad Taste in Music
10 months ago
How could any of these be in the place they are?