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What It's Like to Be: An Up and Coming DJ
2 years ago
Just a regular college student, studying to make his way into the business work force, Joseph Brown decided to take one of his passions with him to college to continue out his dream of becoming a DJ. ...
Most Memorable Rock Singers Who Passed Away
2 years ago
Rock and roll legends have helped pave the way for modern day musicians. Whether it was their riffing guitars or booming drums, you cannot take away from the breathtaking vocals that come from the lead singer. Indeed, the lead singer is the voice of the band (both literally and figuratively), and the one who tells the story and helps to bring raw emotion into each and every song. Unfortunately, many of the most legendary vocalists from eras past have since moved on to their resting places. It is...
Musicians Who Became Famous Through YouTube
2 years ago
With the abundance of bands, solo artists, rappers, DJs, and singing groups, there is a massive amount of musicians that one would have to surpass to climb their way onto the top music charts. And if that seems hard enough to get onto the charts, imagine how hard it is to get your name and music out there so people will begin to listen and appreciate the music that you have created. There are millions of people that put themselves out there and post their own videos on YouTube. Whether you rap, ...
Pop Punk Bands that Adapted to Modern Music
2 years ago
It used to be simple for pop rockers, all it took was a few guys with a loud distorted guitar, a smooth riffing base, and some bumping drums. As time goes on and music progresses, making music is no l...