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I like making lists and rating things. Doesn't mean I know what I'm talking about.

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Top 10 - Avril Lavigne Songs
3 months ago
If you're a big fan of the Avril Lavigne album this isn't the place for you, I'm sorry. If you'd like to check out my other Avril articles you can find them here. Also, here's a Spotify playlist if yo...
Avril Lavigne Albums - Worst to Best
3 months ago
This article is one of three I've done on Avril's music. When you're done here, feel free to check out the others here.
'The Greatest Showman' Songs: Worst to Best
6 months ago
Before we get into it I'm sure we all know this film is historically inaccurate and P.T. Barnum is far from the loveable music man that is Hugh Jackman. Also, this film is perfectly serviceable but it...
Every 'The Chainsmokers' Song: Worst to Best
a year ago
I spent a day listening to The Chainsmokers' songs over and over. Not including remixes. This the result. Strap in. If it's not on Spotify, it's not on the list. There may also be some playlists I mad...
Fall Out Boy - 'MANIA': Worst to Best
a year ago
I wrote this list after one listen through the album with my main light off and my purple fairy light on: at 2am. It didn't meet the minimum word count so I've added a tad when I got up.