Dakota Thomas

Hi I’m Dakota I love music especially hip hop and R&B. One of my favorite things to do is annotate on genius 

A-Z of My Favorite Songs Pt. 2
16 days ago
This is the second part to my favorite songs for each letter of the alphabet.
A-Z of My Favorite Songs Pt. 1
17 days ago
Some people love to ask the icebreaker question. "What is your favorite song?" and if you're like me, someone who listens to an abundance of music, you don't have one. You have several, especially now...
'Revenge of the Dreamers III' Review
24 days ago
Grammy nominated rapper and producer J. Cole founded his label Dreamville along with his manager Ibrahim Hamad in 2007 during the time Cole was working on his first mixtape, The Come Up. The label has...
Worst to Best Freshmen 'XXL' List 2019
a month ago
XXL is a very popular and influential hip hop magazine established in 1997. Starting in 2008 the magazine began to release its annual freshmen list, that contains 10 upcoming rappers. Some rappers who...
Kiana Ledé ‘Myself’ EP Review
a month ago
Kiana Brown, or more commonly known as Kiana Ledé, is a 22-year-old R&B singer and actress from Arizona. She started her career when moving to Los Angles at only the age of 16, but since she was young...
Top Five New R&B Songs
a month ago
Next to Hip Hop, R&B (Rhythmic and blues) is my favorite genre to listen to—from the slow beats to the outstanding vocals that make me wish I could sing ,or rather just hold a simple note. Because I d...