Delilah Rivera

Hey lovely people, my name is Delilah I'm from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I suffer from polycystic kidney disease. Majority of my posts will be about health, food, movies, music, and about my life and struggles of living with a disease.

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Top Eight Summer Jams of All-Time
10 months ago
Hey lovely people, Did you miss me? I know summer is about to end and it sucks. Why not listen to some tunes that feel like summertime all year long. I just thought I give my top eight summertime song...
Top Five Motivational/Love Yourself Songs
a year ago
Hey lovely Peeps, It’s Delilah again, did you miss me? (insert laughter here) Anywhoozies, I decided to make a top five motivational/ love yourself a song list, that helped me get through my ongoing b...