Eden Roquelaire

Eden is a writer, comedian, artist, musician, and model. She has her own blog focusing on the works of David Lynch: https://garmonblogzia.wordpress.com/

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15 Great Alternative Halloween Tracks
2 years ago
Any good Halloween party needs a pitch-perfect soundtrack. But how many times can you listen to "Monster Mash," or, if you're the edgier type, "Bela Lugosi's Dead"? This list of suggestions for your p...
10 Best Fiona Apple Songs
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Though she has a relatively small catalog, Fiona Apple is one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the 1990s. Her powerful voice, confessional lyrics, and heavy playing style have made an ind...
10 Best Tori Amos Songs
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Tori Amos has a vast catalog of A-sides, B-sides, demos, remixes, soundtrack contributions, live variants, and covers. Just 10 songs will never be able to cover all of her moods, sounds, and experimen...
10 Alt-Rock Girl Anthems to Get You Through Your Day
2 years ago
Let's face it: There will always be days you wake up with little confidence, burn the toast, spill your coffee, and bang your knee getting out of the shower. We could all use a musical pick-me-up in t...