Erin Johnston

college kid

Africa by Toto: the Song That Will Never Die
11 days ago
Over time, the 1980s have become not just a decade of time, but a genre of music. Likely, when you hear the phrase "80s music," you can almost immediately hear a variety of songs playing in the back o...
Walk the Moon: Beyond "Shut Up and Dance"
12 days ago
At this point, everyone recognizes the guitar riff preceding the familiar lyrics, "Oh, don't you dare look back..." Walk the Moon's "Shut Up and Dance" was released in late 2014 and became a smash hit...
COIN: Your New Favorite Band
12 days ago
Initially formed in 2012, the band Coin (often stylized COIN) has grown to release 2 full albums and several singles. Since the release of their latest LP, the group has been selling out shows in medi...