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Music and film enthusiast. Freelance writer. Student. Novelist in progress. Hopeless daydreamer. 

Twitter: @BusyWiggin

Toronto, Canada

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The Members of One Direction Continue Their Support for Each Other and It's Beautiful
a month ago
Much has been said throughout the years about the boys in One Direction. One of them being how the members all hate each other and have been torn apart by internal animosity, fighting… blah, blah, bla...
14 Underrated One Direction Songs
2 months ago
I'm not going to lie, whenever I get into a conversation about One Direction and someone utters the words “but they broke up, right?” My body becomes possessed by Ross Gellar and I find myself getting...
7 Childhood Songs That Were Wildly Inappropriate
2 months ago
Ah, the 90s. It was the height of cheesy romantic comedies, iconic hip-hop tracks, boy bands, and of course, inappropriate songs every 90s baby couldn't help obliviously sing along to. Yup, if you wer...
Review: Louis Tomlinson Is Set to Take the Music World by Storm
2 months ago
Following in the footsteps of his fellow One Direction bandmates, Louis Tomlinson released his second solo debut single to be featured on his upcoming, yet to be titled, solo album back on July 21st, ...