Geraldine Taylor

An author, poet spoken word artist, BMI songwriter, founder of Talented Showcase 1 and ambassador for Elite Fitness Apparel. Her songs have been performed by artists in the UK, USA and worldwide.

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2 years ago
The song entitled "Imagine" explores the concept of going beyond previous limitations and past experiences. The presence of beliefs that are limited in nature or narrow perspectives are drawn closer t...
To Live By Faith
2 years ago
What if you were required to place your trust in that which you could not see? What if you had come to the crossroads between the known and the unknown?
There's Every Kind of Beautiful
2 years ago
There's Every Kind of Beautiful is a song of celebration, the essence of which is to advocate personal individuality, as well as diversity. The song acknowledges that each person is unique and beautif...
2 years ago
"Moonlight" is a mid-tempo love song that expresses the foundational appreciation that one person feels for another. The first verse places emphasis upon the fact that outward circumstances do not com...