Gus Welch

Loyal Deadhead. Teaches guitar teacher at the Music Den. Just trying to give the world a little more to jam to.

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Top Music Streaming Services of 2018
7 months ago
RIP CDs and cassettes! Long live music streaming services! If you think about it, we are surrounded by music every single day—at the supermarket, on our radio, television, video games, and practically...
Most Successful Hip Hop Record Companies
2 years ago
Hip hop has held its place as a cultural epicenter throughout the last 30+ years, and the most successful hip hop record companies are responsible for defining and delivering the messages that resonat...
Best TV Shows About Music
2 years ago
With all of the TV shows circulating today, it can be difficult to know which are the best to follow, which is why we would like to highlight the best picks from an upcoming, and particularly new genre: TV shows about music. The shows that fall into this category, though incredibly diverse, all have a similar foundation—music. Throughout the episodes that make up these shows, not only will you find music, but also dancing, drama, and impressive storylines that go along with sensational acting fr...
Most Iconic Rock Concerts Ever
2 years ago
One of the biggest debates that rages around the world is over the most iconic rock concerts in history. Everyone has their own favorites, and they are of course influenced by each individual’s favori...
Best 90s Hip Hop Albums
2 years ago
Hip hop is relatively new in music terms, only beginning in the late 70s and remaining a niche genre until the late 1980s, but it blew up because of the best 90s hip hop albums. These albums are respo...
Best Movies About Music
2 years ago
We all love a song and dance, it is in our nature to appreciate creative arts and two of the greatest talents we possess as humans have to be found in the creation of film and music. When you combine ...