Iggy Paulsen

Iggy Paulsen is a fan of anything and everything wholesome. He loves his two dogs, hiking in the woods, traveling to Aruba, building DIY projects that better humanity, and listening to motivational speakers. He hopes to eventually become a motivational speaker himself.

Customize Your Listening Experience with Lucid Audio Headphones
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Music is one of the very few things in life that is both personal and public at the same time. Everyone experiences music a little differently, and will have different reactions to the same song. Ever...
PYOUR Audio Helps Those with Hearing Loss Rediscover Music
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It's often said that Beethoven could never hear the kind of music he wrote because he was deaf. People also say that the notes he made were just created from his memories of what they used to sound li...
Health Benefits of Playing the Drums
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Drums are one of the oldest musical instruments in history, and are used in almost every single musical genre out there. Metalcore bands wouldn't sound the same without amazing drum beats balancing ou...