Jacob Elyachar

Jacob Elyachar is an award-winning journalist, pop culture fanatic, and social media lover. He writes for both jakes-take.com and Vocal. When he is not writing, Elyachar does CrossFit, listens to music, and volunteers in his community.

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The Best Duet Albums of the 2010s... So Far
a year ago
Recently, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill dropped their first duet album: The Rest of Our Life. While many people consider Tim and Faith’s album, the best duet albums of the decade, Beat has some of the bes...
The Definitive Elton John Cover Playlist
a year ago
Recently, Sir Elton John returned to Broadway to help The Lion King celebrate its 20th anniversary with a rousing rendition of “Circle of Life.” Hundreds of artists over the years have paid homage to ...