Jacob Rydalch

18 yrs old - Utah

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Could Your Favorite Song Lower Your Anxiety?
8 months ago
It is quite common knowledge across all genres that music is created, performed, and listened to to invoke emotions in those involved. Listeners can tie emotions to an artist or a certain song because...
The Real Top 20 Albums of 2018
8 months ago
Complex, the pop culture and music media outlet, recently released their top 50 albums of 2018, and it caused quite an uproar in music fans across all genres. I will definitely admit, I am very biased...
A Playlist for Those with a Unique Taste
10 months ago
I've recently discovered that I have a similar music preference as most, but for some reason I still have a knack for finding the buried, emotion striking tunes that are scattered across music platfor...
Top 5 Summer 2018 Anthems
10 months ago
There is a slim section of artists that can produce the ultimate summer banger. I reviewed this year's releases and compiled a top five to capture your summer mood...